Operate the ball-end milling cutter grinder correctly to maximize the efficiency of the milling cutter

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-25
The advantages of ball-end milling cutters are as follows: The cutting edge of the large R angle is stronger than the sharp corner of the end mill, and it is not easy to collapse, that is, the service life is more stable than that of the end mill. In addition, when used in 3D processing, the ball cutter processing area For the R-angle cutting edge, larger values u200bu200bcan be used for the machining pitch and cutting depth, which improves the machining efficiency and also improves the quality of the machined surface. Welded ball end milling cutter, carbide welded milling cutter, the overall structure is to make a cutting edge on the cutter body; the welding structure is to braze the blade to the steel cutter body; there are two types of mechanical clamping structures, one The blade is clamped on the knife body, and the other is to clamp the fiber-welded cutter head on the knife body. Cemented carbide is generally made of welded structure or mechanical clamping structure; porcelain knives adopt mechanical clamping structure. The geometric parameters of the cutting part of the tool have a great influence on the cutting efficiency and the processing quality. Increasing the rake angle can reduce the plastic deformation when the rake face squeezes the cutting layer, reduce the frictional resistance of the chip flowing through the front, thereby reducing the cutting force and cutting heat. However, increasing the rake angle will reduce the strength of the cutting edge and reduce the heat dissipation volume of the cutter head. Preparations for the use of the ball end mill grinder: 1. First determine the material of the milling cutter and the outer diameter of the blade, and select the suitable grinding wheel for replacement. 2. Please confirm the material of the milling cutter before grinding. The material of HSS (Feng Steel) is CBN grinding wheel, and the material of Tungsten steel is SDC grinding wheel. 3. Choose a suitable collet for the grinding milling cutter, and insert the collet into the collet seat at 45o. 4. After putting the milling cutter into the collet and the chuck seat, connect it with the fixed chuck nut and put the chuck fixed seat group into the adjustment table. 5. Place the chuck group and milling cutter on the tool counter, rotate the milling cutter clockwise, and tighten the nut of the chuck group. The grinding operation steps of the ball-end milling cutter grinder: 1. Adjust the fine adjustment of the outer diameter, leaving a margin of 0.1mm (each grinding amount is 0.1mm). 2. Adjust the arc fine adjustment, adjust the size according to the processing needs. 3. Loosen the angle adjustment block according to the requirements of the tool and rotate the corresponding angle. 4. Grind the outer arc, rotate the bearing seat, and repair the worn edge. 5. Open the protective cover of the grinding wheel, put the fixture group into the rotating bearing seat, adjust the transverse feed carriage and the self-feed carriage, adjust the required size, grind and grooved, and grind the cross carriage. 6. Put the clamp set into the inclined angle seat hole of the inclined angle column, and grind the back angle. Note for ball-end milling cutter grinder: 1. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the voltage and frequency of the motor are consistent with the power supply. 2. Check whether the locking structure of the machine is locked, whether there is looseness or poor contact, if there is any abnormality, remove it and restart it. 3. After the work is completed, the dust on the machine tool should be removed, and the unpainted surface should be coated with engine oil to prevent rust.
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