Operation steps of roller cone bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-31
The roller cone bit is under the drilling pressure and the twisting of the electric drill string. After the teeth are crushed, the rock will be eaten, and at the same time, the rock will be inevitably slipped to shear the rock. The operation steps of the roller cone bit are as follows: 1. Connect the joint first, and use the roller cone bit for inspection. 2. When using the roller cone bit, first check whether the underground transmission is flexible and convenient, and whether the underground is soft ground. 3. Go to about 3.5m underground again, start the pump to wash the well, and gently put down the electric drill bit when it runs smoothly to clean the geographical stones. 4. According to the weight on bit, select an appropriate speed for drilling. 5. During the construction process, it cannot be repeated. Especially in the evening when construction, pay attention to the well washing fluid coming out of the well head. 6. When the mud overflows the wellhead, the height of the drilling tool should be increased to prevent sticking.
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