Optimization direction of performance parameters of spiral drill pipe

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-26
01-06 14:46:19 Due to the advantages of fluid and mechanical co-slag discharge, the relevant performance parameters of auger rods (single auger rod length s, spiral width l and spiral groove depth h, called 3 parameters) directly affect the row The slag effect is difficult to achieve the 3-parameter optimization. Therefore, the machine uses computer software to establish a physical model of electric drill pipe work, and uses the same assumptions and boundary conditions to observe and analyze the distribution of drill pipe slag discharge velocity in the wellbore. Optimization of spiral electric drill rods: By comparing the average flow rate of grooved drill rods with different pitches, the optimal pitch is determined. In order to clearly analyze the optimal screw pitch, the velocity distribution curve under the same coordinates is established by comparing the velocity distribution cloud diagram when the single screw pitch is s76mm. The best width of auger rod: After determining the pitch, determine the same groove depth and determine the groove width. By comparing the average flow rate of slag in grooved drill pipes with different groove widths, the best groove width is determined and the drill pipe with the best performance is obtained.
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