PDC drill bit specifications

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-17
PDC drill bit is a tool used to drill through or blind holes in solid materials and enlarge existing holes. Commonly used drill bits are twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and sleeve drills. Reamers and countersink drills are generally classified as drill bits, although they cannot drill into solid materials. High-speed steel hollow drill bits, also called core drill bits or hole openers, drill bit classification: high-speed steel drill bits, cemented carbide drill bits, tungsten steel drill bits; cutting depth: 35MM, 50MM, 100M; suitable for drilling: imported magnetic drill, Magnetic base drill, household magnetic base drill, magnetic base drill, magnet drill, steel plate drill, magnetic base drill, machine tool, bench drill, base drill, etc. Diameter: 12MM to 100MM; the main material of PDC drill bit is diamond composite sheet, powder metallurgy, cemented carbide. The axis of the PDC bit should be at an angle of 60° with the surface of the grinding wheel. This angle is the rake angle of the drill. At this time, the angle is wrong, which will directly affect the size of the drill and the shape of the main cutting edge and lateral bevel. This refers to the positional relationship between the main axis of the drill bit and the surface of the grinding wheel. It can be 60°, and the angle is usually more accurate. Here we should pay attention to the relative horizontal position and angular position of the drill bit before polishing. Both should be considered as a whole, instead of balancing the edge and ignoring the angle, or balancing the angle without ignoring the edge. The greater the ratio of the length to the diameter of the PDC bit, the greater the slope of the bend. By reducing the aspect ratio, the deflection force can be reduced, thereby avoiding bit interruption and an increase in aperture error. Deeper holes require drills with larger aspect ratios. Generally, the hole depth is greater than 3 times the diameter of the 'deep holeHammer drill specifications: 6mm, 8mmx110mm; 8mmx160mm; 8mm, 10mm, 12mm×210mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm×450mm. The main body of the electric hammer drill is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the cutting head is welded by hard alloy. It is suitable for drilling holes in hard construction materials such as concrete and bricks. It is widely used in high-efficiency punching tools in construction and installation industries. PDC drill bit specifications: 5*110mm, 6*110mm, 6*160mm, 8*160mm, 10*160mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm to 28 mm. The length of the wall drill bit is 350MM 16MM 18MM 20MM 22MM 25MM 28MM A. PDC drill bits are classified by structure (1) Integral drill bits: drill bits, drill bodies and drill rods are all made of the same material. (2) The end of the electric drill bit is welded, and the top is welded with cemented carbide. B. PDC drill bits are classified according to the drill bit (1) Straight shank drills, all drills with a drill diameter below 13.0 mm use straight shanks. (2) Taper shank drill: The shank of the drill is tapered, and the general taper is Morse taper. C. PDC drill bits are classified by purpose (1) Center drill: generally used to drill the center point before drilling. The front cone has 60°, 75°, 90°, etc., in order to use the tailstock support during the operation of the lathe, the tool holder should Use a 60° center drill and lathe tailstock to center 60° together. (2) Twist drill: one of the most widely used drills in industrial manufacturing. (3) Superhard drill bit: The front end of the drill bit or all of it is made of cemented carbide cutting tools, which are used to drill the processed materials. (4) Oil hole drill: There are two small holes on the main body of the drill bit, and the cutting agent reaches the cutting edge through these small holes to take away heat and chips. When the drill bit is stationary, the general work of the drill bit rotates. (5) Deep hole drill: It was originally used to drill gun barrels and stone-covered pipes, also known as gun barrel drills. A deep hole drill is a straight flute in which a quarter of the solid part is cut off in a round tube to create a cutting edge. (6) Reamers: For mass production, the front end is a reamer and the back end is a reamer. The diameter of the drill bit and the diameter of the reamer differ only from the edge of the reamer. (7) Taper drill: Taper drill can be used when processing the mold feed port. (8) Cylindrical drill: We call it a countersunk cutter. At the front end of the drill there is a small diameter part called a tracking rod. (9) Tapered hole drill: used to drill tapered holes, the rake angle is 90°, 60°, etc., we use a chamfering knife which is a tapered hole drill.
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