Precautions for the use of drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-30
Precautions for the use of roller cone bits The use of bits:   1. The bits should be packed in a special packaging box to prevent vibration from colliding with each other.   Two. After taking out the drill bit from the packing box, it should be installed in the spring chuck of the spindle or in the tool magazine of the active electric drill bit. Put it back in the box immediately after use.   3. To measure the diameter of the drill bit, use a non-contact measuring instrument such as a microscope to prevent the cutting edge from being bruised by a collision with the machine measuring instrument. 4. Some CNC drilling machines use positioning rings. Some CNC drilling machines do not use positioning rings. If the positioning ring is used, the depth positioning must be correct when the positioning ring is used. If the positioning ring is not used, the elongation of the electric drill bit on the spindle must be adjusted. Equally, multi-spindle drilling machines must be more detailed, so that the drilling depth of each spindle must be the same. If there is a discrepancy, it may cause the drill bit to drill to the table or fail to penetrate the route plate and cause scrap. 6. Always check the concentricity of the spindle and the collet chuck and the clamping force of the collet chuck. If the concentricity is not good, it will cause the small diameter drill to break and the hole diameter will be large. If the clamping force is not good, it will cause the actual speed to be different from the actual speed. The set speed is inappropriate, slipping between the chuck and the drill.   Seven. The clamping length of the fixed shank drill bit on the collet chuck is 4 to 5 times the diameter of the electric drill shank before it can be clamped firmly.   8. Always check the spindle presser foot. The contact surface of the presser foot should be level and perpendicular to the main shaft and cannot swing to prevent broken drills and offset holes during drilling.   Nine, the result of drilling machine vacuuming is better, the vacuuming air can lower the temperature of the drill bit, and work together to take away the dust and reduce the low temperature caused by friction.  11. When ordering the manufacturer’s drill bit, check whether 4% of the drill bit is suitable for inspection when entering the factory. And 100% of the nicks, scratches and cracks are checked with a microscope of 10 to 15 times.  12. The drill should be re-grinded, which can increase the use and regrind times of the drill, delay the life of the drill, and reduce the production cost and expenditure. When measuring with a microscope, the wear depth should be less than 0.2mm within the full length of the two main cutting edges. When resharpening, 0.25 younger sister is to be polished away. Ordinary fixed shank drills can be reground 3 times, and undercut drills can be reground 2 times. Excessive grinding will reduce the quality and accuracy of the drilling, which will cause the scrap of the line board products. Excessive grinding results in plucking seedlings. 13. Setting of drill bit parameters In general environment, the manufacturer provides a parameter table of the drilling speed and lower speed of the drill bit produced by the factory. This parameter is only for reference, and it is actually obtained by the craftsman after actual use. The speed and down speed parameters of a drill bit suitable for the actual environment, the actual parameters are different from the reference parameters, but the difference is not too much.
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