Precautions for the use of single-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-04
Precautions for the use of single-cone bits:   1. When placing single-cone bits, ensure that they are properly seated. The purpose of roller-cone bits manufacturers is to save time when used below, and it saves the time to search for bits during use. . 2. When using a single-cone bit, if the electric drill is about to reach the limit, the torque of the single-cone bit is greater at this time, so at this time, we should ensure a lighter pressure and a uniform feed rate when drilling. , In this way, the single-cone electric drill bit can be well prevented from twisting and breaking due to excessive torque. 3. The center point should be found before drilling with a roller cone bit. The main purpose is to accurately find the static point bottoming, and to ensure that the single cone bit is in the proper drilling position during the drilling process. The pillow provides the best drilling effect.  4. When drilling with a single cone bit, it should be ensured that the cutting can be fully applied and the residue should be paid attention to.   5. When using a single-cone drill bit for cross-drilling, you should first use a single-cone drill bit with a larger aperture, and finally use a single-cone electric drill bit with a smaller aperture.  6. u200bu200bWhen drilling with a single cone bit, if it suddenly stops, it can be judged at this time that it is caused by the faster speed when we are drilling.
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