Reminders about alloy forming tools

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-16
Alloy forming tools are basically forming reamers. Processing threads on cast iron valves generally requires three processes: firstly electric drill a bottom hole; then use a electric drill reamer to process the small thread diameter before tapping; then perform tapping. In order to improve the efficiency of step forming hole processing, the use of welding alloy forming tools can complete the combination of multiple processes in one processing. Product features of alloy forming tools: Material: hard alloy material, good wear resistance; rate: multiple stepped composite holes are processed in place at one time; high precision: once clamping and forming, each hole has good concentricity; non-standard tailor-made; Warm reminder 1. In order to get a better cutting surface and prolong tool life. Be sure to use high-precision, high-rigidity, and well-balanced tool holders. 2. For parts processing with precision requirements: Before using the tool, please check the tool yaw runout. When the tool yaw accuracy exceeds 0.01MM, please calibrate it before cutting. 3. The shorter the length of the tool extension from the chuck, the better. If the extension of the tool is longer, please adjust the speed, feed speed or cutting amount by yourself. 4. If abnormal vibration or sound occurs during cutting, please reduce the spindle speed and cutting amount until the situation improves. 5. When using coated tools, spray or air jet cooling is used as the applicable method for steel processing and cooling to make the high-aluminum-titanium effective. It is recommended to use water-insoluble cutting fluid for stainless steel, titanium alloy or heat-resistant alloy. 6. The cutting method is affected by the workpiece, machine, and software. For the first tool to be debugged, please keep the cutting amount of the tool at a conservative parameter. After the cutting condition is stable, increase the cutting amount by 30%~50%. Common problems of alloy forming tools: (1) The cross-section lines of the processed parts are large. This problem occurs mainly due to the following reasons: ①The machine jitter is large; ②The tool installation is unreasonable, such as improper installation, impurity on the end surface, etc.; ③The reference surface is not flat; ④The feeding force is uneven; ⑤The tool runout tolerance is too large. (2) Burning of the processed parts. This problem occurs mainly due to the following reasons: ①The pushing speed is too slow, the amount of tool eaten is too large, and the machine speed does not match; ②The tool dullness is serious; ③The tool selection is unreasonable; ④The tool angle does not match the processing material. (3) The tool fit is not tight and there is a gap. This problem occurs mainly due to the following reasons: ①The tool is not adjusted properly, the gasket is not properly added, or the tool selection is not matched; ②The tool is installed unreasonably (there is slag in the middle or is not installed in the proper position); ③The tool is designed The size is inconsistent with the actual manufacturing size.
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