Saw blade milling cutters need to pay attention to when cutting stainless steel

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-20
When the saw blade milling cutter is working on stainless steel, due to the high hardness of stainless steel, the low thermal conductivity of the saw blade milling cutter when cutting makes the cutting more difficult. Therefore, choosing the right saw blade and circular saw is the prerequisite for reducing the cost per cut:   1. The choice of metal circular saw blade milling cutter: When choosing stainless steel saw blade milling cutters, it is recommended to use chrome-plated or nitrided saw blades instead of titanium-plated saws. sheet. In the market, the industry tends to use less material for sawing and steaming, but because the saw blade itself is not good enough, it cannot provide a better cutting effect. In addition, after electroplating, the steel plate is hot, and the solution for minority industries is to smooth it by tapping. However, when the saw blade is used for cutting again, the saw blade will be deformed when heated, because the impact can only maintain the shape of the saw blade for a short time, but not for a long time.   The plasticity and toughness of stainless steel are very large. When processing cars, the chips are continuous. It not only affects the smooth operation of stainless steel, but also can crush the processed surface and easily stick to the saw blade, so it is classified as a hard cutting material. The chrome saw blade is specially designed for the characteristics of stainless steel, and the cutting effect is good. In addition, the tooth profile is also one of the important factors affecting the cutting effect, so when buying a saw blade, please remember whether it is used for cutting stainless steel. In this way, when the tooth is opened, it can be distinguished, and the special shape of stainless steel is ground. Don't think that the saw blade is hard, let alone that the titanium saw blade can cut all materials.  2. The choice of metal circular sawing machine: According to our years of industry experience, generally speaking, it is recommended to choose 300 or more models. The power of this machine is too small, which easily affects the service life of metal circular saw blades and even saw blades. It's like a child lifting a bucket of water to move it, but very reluctantly and easily hurt if it is inefficient.   3. Selection of cutting speed: The stainless steel cutting speed is slightly higher, the cutting temperature is much higher, the tool wear is intensified, and the durability is greatly reduced. In order to ensure the durability of the tool, the cutting speed should be reduced, usually 30% to 50% ordinary carbon steel. The cutting speed depends on the type, cross section and toughness of the workpiece being cut. The stronger the material, the slower the speed. The smaller the cross-section of the workpiece, the faster the choice of speed. Conversely, the larger the section, the slower the usable speed. A large section requires a large cutting pressure. 4. Saw blade milling cutter is choosing cutting fluid and cooling method: because the machinability of stainless steel is difficult, the cooling, lubricating, and cleaning performance of the cutting fluid have higher requirements. The commonly used cutting fluids are as follows:   a .Vegetable oil: such as rape oil, soybean oil, etc., with good lubricating performance, suitable for processes such as threading, reaming and tapping.  B. Mineral oil such as engine oil and spindle oil: It has good lubrication performance, but has poor cooling and permeability, and is suitable for external precision turning.  C. Emulsion: It has better cooling and cleaning performance. It also has a certain degree of lubrication and can be used for stainless steel rough turning. During the cutting process, the cutting fluid nozzle should be aimed at the cutting area, or high-pressure cooling, spray cooling and other cooling methods should be used.  D. Vulcanized oil: cutting oil with sulfur as an extreme pressure additive. During the cutting process, high melting point sulfides can be formed on the metal surface, and they are not easily damaged at high temperatures. They have good lubricating effect and a certain cooling effect. They are suitable for general turning, drilling, reaming and tapping.
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