Selection and acquisition of PDC drill bit and diamond drill bit quality identification

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-19
02-15 12:12:06 PDC drill bits and diamond drill bits are tools used to drill or blind holes in solid materials and expand existing holes. Commonly used PDC drill bits mainly include jute drill bits, flat and diamond drill bits, center drills, deep hole drill bits and casing heads. Although diamond bits cannot be drilled on solid materials, they are usually classified as PDC bits. Cemented carbide is generally used for printing plate drills, because the epoxy glass copper clad foil wears very quickly. To put it bluntly, the cemented carbide tool plate must be made of cemented carbide tool powder as the conventional, and cobalt powder is used as the binder to carry out work pressure calcination. It usually contains 94% tungsten carbide and 6% cobalt. Because of its high hardness, good wear resistance and certain strength, it is suitable for high-speed cutting. In order to improve the performance of cemented carbide, some cemented carbides have 57 micron superhard titanium carbide (tic) or titanium nitride (tin) deposited on the cemented carbide. Some people use ion implantation technology to implant titanium, nitrogen, and carbon into a certain depth of the bottom layer, which not only improves the hardness and strength, but also can move during the regrind of these implanted components. In addition, a layer of diamond film was fabricated on the top of the twist drill by physical methods. The strength and compressive strength of cemented carbide are not only related to the ratio of tungsten carbide, but also related to powdered particulate matter. The average size of the tungsten carbide phase grains is less than 1 micron. This kind of PDC bit and diamond bit not only has high hardness, but also has higher compressive and bending strength. In order to avoid wasting the cost of many PDC drill bits and diamond drill bits of the electric welding welded handle structure, the original PDC drill bits and diamond drill bits are cemented carbide tools, and now stainless steel plates are used for the back side of the drill tool. PDC electric drill bits and diamond drill bits are a kind of metal parts widely used in construction machinery in our country. They are used to electric drill or blind holes in solid materials and can expand the holes to existing holes. However, in different working environments, we have chosen different types of PDC drill bits and diamond drill bits. The common ones are twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep drills and casing drills. Twist drill is currently the most widely used drilling tool. The general diameter range is 0.25-80 mm. It is mainly composed of working part and hands. The working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like a twist, hence the name. In order to reduce the friction between the guide part and the hole wall during the drilling process, the twist drill is gradually reduced in diameter in the anti-cone. The helix angle of the twist drill mainly affects the size of the cutting edge, the strength of the blade and the cutting performance. The spiral groove can be processed by milling, grinding, hot rolling or hot extrusion, and the cutting parts of the front end of the PDC drill and the diamond drill are formed after grinding. The cutting angle of the standard twist drill is 118, and the bevel angle of the chisel edge is 406,060 and 820. Due to structural reasons, the front angle of the outer edge is larger, and the middle angle is gradually reduced. In order to improve the cutting performance of twist drills, the cutting parts can be transformed into various shapes according to the nature of the material to be processed. Twist drill shanks are divided into straight shanks and tapered shanks. The former is clamped in the PDC drill bit and the diamond drill chuck, and the latter is clamped in the taper hole or tailstock of the machine tool spindle. Ordinary twist drills are made of high-speed steel. The invention is suitable for processing cast iron, hardened steel, non-metallic materials and the like. The cutting part of the flat drill is shovel-shaped, simple in structure, low in cost, and easy to import, but the cutting performance and chipping performance are poor. There are two types of planar drilling structures: integral and assembled. The integral type is mainly used for drilling holes with a diameter of 0.030.5mm. The assembled flat drill can be replaced and can be internally cooled. It is mainly used for drilling large holes with a diameter of 25-500 mm. Deep hole drilling is usually a tool for processing more than 6 holes. Commonly used are gun drill, bta deep hole electric drill, jet drill, df deep hole drill and so on. Casing drilling is also often used for deep hole processing. The drill has 34 teeth and is more rigid than a twist drill. It is used to expand existing holes and improve processing accuracy and flatness. The back drill has more teeth, and the end of the hole is processed into the required shape by a forming method, which is used to process the head hole of various head screws or the outside of the flattened hole. The center drill is used for the center hole of the drilling shaft workpiece, and is mainly composed of a small twist drill with a small helix angle and a back drill. Hollow drill rod is a kind of hollow PDC drill bit and diamond drill bit, mainly used for core drilling.
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