Some basic properties of tri-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-08
How to ventilate a tri-cone bit. When using a tri-cone bit, we must first understand some of its basic properties before using it. The use of a tri-cone bit is the same. The tri-cone electric drill bit provides high-pressure air for the pneumatic chute that transports alumina during the aluminum electrolysis production process to ensure the supply of alumina during the production process of the electrolysis cell. As long as there is high-pressure wind in the air chamber, the alumina will be boiled by the high-pressure wind and boil forward along the direction of the wind to complete the alumina transportation task.   The drive motor model of the tri-cone bit: Y160L-237kW, voltage: 380V, the high-pressure wind generated by the tri-cone bit enters the air chute air chamber through the pipe.
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