Some difficulties in improving the service life of drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-29
12-26 10:25:59 Studies have shown that in order to improve the compactness and hardness of the carcass and increase the service life of the drill bit, the hot pressing pressure is generally set at 15 to 22 MPa (see Figure 5). In the actual sintering process, the general sintering pressure only reaches 5 to 6 MPa (see Figure 4), and even in this case, graphite mold bursting still occurs (because of the low strength of graphite). It can be seen that the actual sintering pressure is relatively small, which differs greatly from the theoretical research results. There are many reasons for the smaller electric drill footage, but the sintering pressure is too small, and it is much smaller than the theoretical research results, which may be one of the important reasons. This is a 'short board' of hot-pressed sintered drills. bit loading means to first sprinkle a layer of aluminum oxide powder on the bottom of the graphite box, place the drill bit matrix down, cover the graphite core and put it down, fill the free part of the outer periphery of the bit with aluminum oxide powder, and then put it in the upper part of the graphite core in the electric drill bit steel The amount of bonding metal is calculated according to the pore volume in the carcass framework. After the drill is loaded into a boat, it is sent to the sintering and impregnation furnace. The sintering and impregnation process includes heating rate, final sintering temperature, holding time and cooling rate. Dipping refers to immersing the pressed drill bit in alumina powder and dipping it. The dipping temperature is determined according to the dipping alloy. During dipping, the bit matrix slowly heats up, volatilizes the plasticizer in the low temperature zone, and melts the alloy in the high temperature zone until it is completely melted. The temperature is kept for 20 minutes, and then it is cooled to about 750 ℃ u200bu200bfor insulation and slow cooling. The biggest feature of the cold-pressed dipping drill bit is that the drill bit is cold-pressed and formed with a pressure of 70 to 100 MPa, so the performance of the electric drill bit is greatly improved, the drill bit footage exceeds 100 meters, and the technical and economic benefits are significantly improved. At present, the actual pressure of hot-pressing sintering in my country is only 5-6 MPa, the bit footage is low, and the technical and economic indicators are not ideal. It can be considered that this is a strength of cold-pressed dipping drill bits.
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