Some problems of PDC bit mixed oil diamond bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-18
10-20 19:36:14   The cause of oil mixing and the problem of cuttings fragmentation caused by PDC bit   In order to ensure the stability of the wellbore and the unblocked wellbore, to prevent the occurrence of stuck drilling accidents; the drilling engineering adopts the drilling fluid mixing technology. The application of this technology has greatly improved the performance of the drilling fluid, stably lubricated the well wall, quickly shortened the well construction period, greatly reduced the occurrence of downhole accidents, and achieved direct economic benefits. However, the use of geological drill pipes in this process has a great impact on the geological work and increased the difficulty of the work; the drilling fluid is mixed with crude oil, which contaminates the cuttings in the well, and it is difficult to distinguish under fluorescent lights. Which one is oil sand, and which one is not; under such circumstances, it is easy to cause misunderstandings by geologists, so that mistakes in misdepicting the oil layer occur, reducing the quality of logging and causing losses. How to improve logging quality under conditions of oil mixing and PDC bit. In geological logging, when it encounters salt, gypsum, and gypsum layers, the viscosity of the drilling fluid will increase. It is more difficult to clean the cuttings that are bonded to each other. If the drilling engineering uses screw and PDC drilling, the cuttings are often thin and mushy, and it is more difficult to clean them; and because of the oil sand quality It is relatively loose, even if the cuttings are thoroughly cleaned, the loose oil sand will be washed into powder with the grooved electric drill pipe, and no sand (oil sand) can be found. Therefore, cuttings collectors are required to be proficient in cuttings cleaning skills, and technicians are required to master the accuracy of cuttings logging late; understand the structure and distribution of the formation in this block, and compare and analyze with adjacent well data in time. Make a judgment on the lithology and physical properties of the stratum drilled by this well.   Impact rotary diamond drill bits are mainly impregnated diamond core drill bits, which are commonly used in hard 'slip' formations and are commonly used in high frequency and low impact energy hydraulic impactors. Structural features:   (1) First choice for artificial impregnated diamond drill bits or polycrystalline drill bits;   (2) Use high-strength or rounded and metal-plated diamonds;   (3) Because of the impact toughness and particle size of diamond single crystals Inversely, the particle size should not be too large. You can choose 70~80PDC drill bit diamonds, with a diamond concentration of about 75%;   (4) There must be sufficient matrix strength and hardness to avoid impact cracking. Generally choose hard-hard matrix, lip The shape of the surface is preferably flat-bottomed, arc-shaped and concentric-pointed teeth;    (5) Due to the large amount of flushing fluid, the water area of u200bu200bthe drill bit should be increased. In addition to the main nozzle, a secondary nozzle shall be added to lengthen and deepen the inner wall of the drill bit steel. Water tank, appropriately increase the outer diameter of the carcass.  Http://
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