Take you to understand the correct use of extrusion taps

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-14
Extrusion taps are just one type of taps. Its shape is characterized by no chip grooves, only oil grooves, most of which are titanium-plated extrusion taps, which are specially used for machining threads on soft metals with a small thickness. Extrusion tap is a new type of thread tool that uses the principle of metal plastic deformation to process internal threads. Extrusion of internal threads by extrusion taps is a chip-free processing technology, especially suitable for copper alloys and aluminum alloys with lower strength and better plasticity It can also be used for tapping materials with low hardness and high plasticity, such as stainless steel and low carbon steel, with long life. Extrusion taps are generally used in tapping machines, drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, and machining centers to process soft metal threads with a small thickness. The correct selection of wire taps can ensure the quality of the machine's threads and ensure the smooth progress of the machine's machining process. For different materials, different processing methods are used, and different wire taps are used.   Extrusion tap is a type of tap without chip flutes. Its principle is to use plastic forming method to squeeze in the hole through the tap to bulge the material to be cut to form a thread. No chips will be generated, and the threads or taps will not be damaged due to problems such as chip clogging, so it is suitable for processing with plastic materials.   Extrusion tap definition: It is a tool for processing internal threads, with grooves along the axial direction. Also called a tap. Taps are divided into straight flute taps, spiral flute taps and threaded taps according to their shape. Straight flute taps are easy to process, with low precision and large output. Generally used for thread processing of ordinary lathes, drilling machines and tapping machines, the cutting speed is relatively slow. Spiral flute taps are mainly used for drilling blind holes in CNC machining centers. It has the advantages of fast processing speed, high precision, good chip removal effect, and good centering. The front part of the screw front end tap is provided with a groove-shaped groove for processing the through hole. The taps provided by this tool factory are mostly coated taps, which have longer service life and better cutting performance than uncoated taps.  Accurate use method of extrusion tap:   1. When tapping, first pierce the head cone to make the center line of the tap and the center line of the drilling common.  2. Rotate both hands evenly and apply a little pressure to make the tap enter the knife. There is no need to add pressure after the knife.  3. Each time the tap is rolled, it rotates about 45° to cut off the chips and avoid clogging.  4. If the tap cannot be rotated when it is difficult to rotate, the tap will break.  5. Use taps accurately, such as screw-point taps for through-hole processing, and kneading taps for blind-hole processing.
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