The advantages brought by the gradual popularization of multiple modes of end mills

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-24
The name of each part of the end mill: Helix angle: the larger the helix angle of the end mill, the longer the contact line between the workpiece and the cutting edge, the smaller the load applied to the cutting edge per unit length, which helps to extend the tool life. But on the other hand, as the helix angle increases, the axial component of the cutting resistance also increases, making the tool easy to fall off the tool holder. Therefore, when machining with a tool with a large helix angle, the tool holder must be rigid. A helix angle of 0° is called a straight edge, and its contact line is short. The choice of helix angle: stainless steel is a difficult-to-cut material with low thermal conductivity and has a great impact on the tool tip. The use of an end mill with a large helix angle is beneficial to prolong the tool life. As the hardness of high-hardness materials increases, the cutting resistance increases, so an end mill with a large helix angle should be used. For the low rigidity of the workpiece, such as thin plate processing, an end mill with a small helix angle should be used. Core thickness Core thickness is an important factor in determining the rigidity and chip flutes of an end mill. The core thickness of the integral end mill is generally 60% of the outer diameter. The core thickness increases, the cross-sectional area increases, and the rigidity increases, but the chip pockets decrease, and the chip removal performance becomes worse; on the contrary, the core thickness decreases, the rigidity decreases, but the chip removal performance increases. In the past, high-speed steel integral end mills were commonly used, but now with the advancement of coating technology and tool material technology, coated carbide integral end mills and indexable end mills have gradually become popular and are widely used in mold processing, High hardness material processing and other fields. The main cutting edge of the end mill is on the cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end surface is the secondary cutting edge. It is not possible to make feed movement along the axial direction of the milling cutter when working. End mills can be used in processing fields such as side machining, groove machining, and surface machining. For various processing forms, the types of end mills that can be used are also very rich. Advantages of end mills: 1. The use of a new interpolation cutting edge improves the efficiency of spiral interpolation milling or ramp milling; 2. Due to the double spiral groove and unequal distance design, HPC milling has a higher efficiency; 3. Very Suitable for high dynamic HDC milling; 4. Through optimized chip removal geometry and wear resistance to achieve process stability, automation and repeatability; 5. High versatility in various materials and processing strategies; 6. After FRAISA ToolExpert, ToolExpert HDC, ToolExpert HelixRamp applications for verification of cutting and machining parameters; 7. New options for drilling and cycloid machining; 8. Exploit more applications with short shank tools;
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