The advantages of the use of ball end milling cutter and the problems that should be paid attention to

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-25
The advantages of the ball end milling cutter:    1. The ball end milling cutter can mill die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron materials, and belongs to the end mill. Ball end mills can work normally in high temperature environments. 2. Reduce the actual cutting radius: Just like using a bull nose knife, the use of a ball-end knife reduces the actual cutting diameter, reduces the cutting linear speed, reduces the cutting power and cutting torque during cutting, and is more conducive to the spindle motor Processing in a better state. 3. A more stable processing state can be obtained: When using a ball-end knife for processing, the cutting angle is continuously changed, and there is almost no sudden change. In this way, the change of cutting force is a continuous change process, so that the cutting can be guaranteed during processing. The state is more stable and the surface finish is higher. 4. The ball-end tool is a tool for semi-finishing and finishing of curved surfaces: the spindle motor we use is less able to resist axial force, so in general, the ball-end tool cannot be used for rough machining (excessive axial cutting force) , And in semi-finishing machining, it is very good to use a ball-end knife. After semi-finishing with a ball-end knife, there is less residual material, which is more conducive to the following finishing. The path spacing of semi-finishing is generally two quilts of the finishing spacing. If the parallel cutting method is used, it is 90 degrees to the finishing direction. The problems that should be paid attention to when using the ball end milling cutter:    1. Minimize the use of the tool tip to process the workpiece: at the ball end tool tip position, in actual processing, the processing linear speed is 0, that is, the tool is not actually working Cutting, but grinding, in actual processing, the coolant is not added to the cutting area at all, which further causes the cutting heat to be larger and the tool life to decrease.  2. The straight wall is processed by the processing method of contour shape: it is necessary to minimize the phenomenon that the ball-end knife is processed downward along the straight wall. Relatively speaking, processing along the straight wall is a very good method, but it is difficult to separate them in actual processing. Let's compare the differences between the two.
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