The application of automatic drill pipe sorting industrial robots has achieved positive results

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-15
With the continuous improvement of my country's manufacturing level, the multi-machine efficient and collaborative work mode will surely replace the heavy and complex manual work, and the work of smart machines will also replace the backward production work methods of traditional industries and become the promotion of industrial development and economic construction. Important motivation. As a traditional and indispensable industry, geological drill pipe survey needs to adapt to the development of society and complete industrial upgrading and transformation of operation methods. In traditional geological drilling operations, the drilling and unscrewing of the drill pipe requires manual handling, and the drilling rig completes the entire operation. Because some ultra-deep drilling processes require a large number of drill pipes and the unit weight of the drill pipe is heavier ( A single drill rod can reach 100 kilograms), which produces huge physical work for the operators and seriously affects the efficiency and quality of the drilling rig. Moreover, drilling scenes of various terrains, including mountains, rainforests and grasslands, put forward strict requirements on equipment and personnel, and the equipment is needed to facilitate transportation, assembly and operation. ● The project construction goal is to develop and manufacture the drill pipe sorting system, and cooperate with the positioner to complete the loading and rewinding of the drill pipe. It is necessary to ensure that the drill pipe can be picked up from the drill pipe box to the downstream positioner, and it must be ensured from the change Pick up and put back the electric drill rod box on the positioning machine. The specific content is as follows: the overall system is installed on the load-bearing platform. After the load-bearing platform reaches the designated position, the overall leveling; the electric drill rod is placed in the drill rod box neatly and horizontally, and the load capacity of the drill rod box is 50 Root; the robot takes out the drill rods from the drill rod box one by one through the fixture, and places it horizontally on the positioner or removes the drill rod from the positioner and places it in the drill rod box horizontally; the system can be operated by an industrial wireless controller; the positioner has a communication interface , The system can communicate with the positioner I/O. ● Project construction content and application of key technologies (1) The robot system uses vertical robots for sorting operations, which can meet the loading and unloading of drill pipes. Due to the limited space, the distance between the drill rod box and the robot is relatively close. In order to satisfy the drill rod within the working range of the robot, the base is used to raise the robot to make full use of part of the working space on the robot and maximize the working range of the robot. The robot is equipped with protective clothing to adapt to the field environment when working on site. Robot system renderings (2) The drill rod lifting system and drill rod box can be replaced. Each drill rod box can hold 50 drill rods, arranged in 5*10, and each column is separated by square steel. The distance is about 50mm. The bottom of the drill rod box is a movable lifting plate to ensure that the robot only picks up and places the highest level of drill rods. After the top 10 rods are taken out or placed one by one, the elevator lifts the plate to drive the drill rods up or down, and then the robot repeats the loading and unloading actions. The elevator load needs to be greater than 4t, and its placement space is limited. It needs to be located under the drill pipe box. Therefore, only hydraulic elevators can be used. Because the hydraulic elevator has low accuracy, photoelectric sensors need to be used to detect the closed-loop feedback position of the top drill pipe. (3) Load-bearing lifting platform system When the lifting platform is raised, it can meet the requirements of 30-40 tons of flatbed transfer trucks to move the whole set of equipment away. The power of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform is 11kW, and the 4 lifting legs and 4 translation cylinders can be separately controlled by the remote control. The bottom of the platform is equipped with an inclinometer, which can feedback the inclination angle of the platform to the display control panel, refer to the interface display angle, and remotely control the corresponding lifting cylinder leveling through the remote control. (4) Software system The software system provides the necessary operations of the robot and the lifting platform, including start, stop, pause, parameter call, lift movement, sensor detection, status main parameter display, alarm, etc. ● The effect of project implementation The use of robot integration technology to apply to complex environments in the field can provide inspiration for the geological drilling industry. The rapid disassembly and rapid integration of robots can play an important role in certain specific tasks. Not only the drill pipe is automatically sorted, but also the robot can play an important role by changing the fixture in some heavy and single tasks. In field drilling and surveying, the use of automatic drill pipe sorting system is the first in the domestic industry. The working mode that combines equipment such as drilling rigs and automatic drill pipe sorting systems for drilling and investigation scenarios has been implemented in a field simulation drilling and investigation scenario in a certain place in China, and has achieved positive results.
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