The characteristics and precautions of carbide saw blade milling cutter

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-25
Saw blade milling cutter is both a saw blade and a milling cutter. It is the product of both. Saw blade milling cutters are mostly made of high-speed steel, cemented carbide and other materials. Although the hardness of cemented carbide is higher than that of high-speed steel, and the cutting force is stronger, it can increase the speed and feed rate and increase the productivity. However, the knife is not obvious. Although it can process difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel/titanium alloy, the cost is higher, and the knife is easy to break when the cutting force changes rapidly. Saw blade milling cutter: The whole saw blade milling cutter is produced by cemented carbide materials. It is mainly used for processing alloy steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, quenched and tempered steel, titanium alloy, non-ferrous metals and other metal or non-metallic materials. For high-speed steel saw blades, long service life is its main feature, and the products are widely used in machinery, light industry, hardware and other industries. Saw blade milling cutter has a flat cut, good smoothness, and high wear resistance. After the saw blade milling cutter is used, the tooth edge will become unsharp. You can use the corresponding saw blade grinder to repeat the grinding and grinding The processing effect of the later saw blade milling cutter is the same as that of the new saw blade milling cutter, which can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and extend its life. Description of the characteristics of carbide saw blade milling cutter:    Carbide has high hardness, good red hardness, wear resistance and long life; therefore, the solid carbide saw blade is the current domestic tool, under the premise of giving full play to its advantages , Considering its production cost is low, so the number of users who use it to replace high-speed steel saw blades has grown rapidly in recent years. Precautions for the use of cemented carbide saw blade milling cutters:    solid carbide saw blade milling cutters have many advantages, but since cemented carbide itself is less tough than high-speed steel, it is easy to chip when the cutting process is improperly selected or the accuracy of the machine tool is poor. . How to make full use of its strengths and avoid weaknesses to give full play to its advantages? There is a question of how to use it correctly. The thinner the saw blade milling cutter is, the more sensitive it is to vibration and tensile stress during use. Large radial runout or axial runout is likely to cause damage, so the milling machine should run in a better state, that is, the machine tool has high precision and Good rigidity, stable transmission, constant feed per tooth, and sufficient cooling.
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