The drill bit must be different in piling under different geological conditions

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-21
02-04 09:42:00 Because the geological standards are different across the country, how to choose a suitable drill bit during the whole process of foundation piling is a crucial issue. Soil layer double bottom sand digging bit: suitable for silt, fine sand, silt, texture clay, clay, and certain types of soft rock, such as all, strong weathered, moderately weathered mudstone, mudstone, etc. Rock-socketed double bottom scouring bit: suitable for river pebble layer, moderately weathered soft rock, such as moderately weathered mud slate, mud conglomerate, etc. Highly weathered rock formations with relatively hard levels, such as filled with strongly weathered granite, are commonly used in drilling tools and spiral twist drills to drill into hard rock. Barrel bit: suitable for circumcision of medium weathered slate and hard rock with significant layers (high coring probability). In the dense soil layer or part of the soft rock geological structure, because the friction drilling tool is used to develop the deviation, you can try to use the pipeline to solve it. Rock-socketed spiral drill bit: suitable for breaking boulder and boulder hard rock in the hole. For some clay soil structures, river pebble soil with a medium level of relative density can be drilled with an extruder screw twist drill when it cannot be drilled in a sand bucket. Double-deck drill bit: suitable for drilling in egg and boulder layers with a particle size of 200~500mm. Double-layer pipe drilling and new drilling concept extrusion molding. That is to say, the broken and pebbles of different sizes are packed in the cylinder and brought out of the hole. In the design scheme, the diameter of the cylinder is designed according to the diameter of the pile hole, and the diameter of the inner cylinder is designed according to the mean diameter of the river pebble. The drilling tool has been widely used in China, and its drilling crew is more efficient and the drilling crew damage is better than other drilling tools. Soil layer single-bottom sand dredger: The twist drill is similar to a double-bottom dredger. Its advantage depends on its side channel, no need to drill gates, and the soil layer drilling team is highly efficient. The defect depends on the relative lightness of the net weight. For some hard soil layers, especially when the friction rod is used, there will be no deviation, which seriously affects the high efficiency of the drilling team. Soil auger bit: only suitable for small pile diameter and large clay layer. The advantage depends on the height of the electric drill bit up to 4 meters, the size of the single channel is large, and the problem of slag removal can reasonably prevent the emergence of other drill bits. It is recommended to be used within the scope of application. Double-bottom single-door drill: Generally, it is a drill with a diameter of ≤1.2m. Compared with the double-bottom side-opening drilling equipment, it has a large single and double-sided channel, which is more conducive to stratum drilling, such as the river pebble stratum with a diameter of 200mm. However, because the structure of a door is different, the design scheme or manufacturing requirements are very high, so it is very easy to have partial holes. It is proposed to use the twist drill when the diameter of the small pile is 1.2m. Classification and use of drill bits: The drill bit is a part of the rotary drilling rig system software that immediately touches the work object. A good drill tooth should have the characteristics of no cracks, constant breaking, wear resistance, easy disassembly and assembly. There are currently four types of common drill teeth: 1. Transmission gear drill bits: suitable for soil layer drilling crews, sharp edges, and rapid laser cutting. They cannot be used for hard rock layers such as gravel and rock layers. 2. Incisor bit: The relatively barrel-shaped incisor is stronger and not easy to break. It is suitable for large-diameter soil buckets, large, medium and small river pebbles and soft rocks. 3. Drilling incisor bit: drilling into the rock, the wear-resistant aluminum alloy point shows great working pressure on the rock, which is suitable for breaking the rock. 4. Incisor bit: suitable for super-hard rock drills, roller bearing fly ash loss rock, transmission gear rotation to reduce the vibration of the rock formation, multi-run-in period of gold knife to increase service life
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