The embodiment of the good cost-effectiveness of indexable milling tools

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-17
The indexable milling tool is a tool that is pre-processed and has a polygonal insert with several cutting edges and clamped on the tool body by a mechanical clamping method. When a cutting edge becomes blunt during use, only need to loosen the clamping of the blade, index or replace the blade, so that the new cutting edge enters the working position, and can be used again after clamping. The tool shown in the figure below is the blade change of an indexable end mill. Features Indexable milling tools have two features compared with welded tools and integral tools. One is the insert mounted on the tool body, and at least two pre-machined cutting edges are available for use. The second is that the position of the cutting edge on the cutter body remains unchanged after the insert has been indexed, and has the same geometric parameters. Features Compared with welded tools, indexable milling tools have the following characteristics: the insert becomes an independent functional element, and its cutting performance has been expanded and improved. The mechanical clamping type avoids the influence and limitation of the welding process, and is more conducive to selecting blades of various materials according to the processing object, and fully exerts its cutting performance, thereby improving the cutting efficiency. The space position of the cutting edge is fixed relative to the tool body, which saves auxiliary time required for tool change and tool setting, and improves the utilization rate of the machine tool. The economy is good. Because the indexable tool has high cutting efficiency and less auxiliary time, the work efficiency is improved, and the body of the indexable tool can be reused, saving steel and manufacturing costs. Promoted the advancement of tool technology. The manufacture of indexable blades adopts a new spray granulation process that is different from welding blade mechanical granulation. The fluidity during pressing is dozens of times that of mechanical granulation, which promotes the improvement of blade quality. At the same time, the specialized and standardized production of indexable cutter bodies has promoted the development of cutter body manufacturing technology. The advantage of indexable milling tools to the overall tool Before adopting cemented carbide indexable inserts, the overall tool needs to be disassembled from the processing machine for re-grinding. Due to the heavy workload of regrinding, large factories usually set up regrinding workshops to specialize in tool regrinding. Therefore, a significant advantage of using indexable tools is that the cutting edge can be updated without removing the tools from the production site. The update of the cutting edge of the blade is usually achieved by the following methods: loosen the clamped blade, rotate or flip (index) the blade to a new cutting edge, or install a brand new blade to replace a completely worn blade. This face milling cutter uses 16-edge inserts, which is cost-effective. Although integral drills, taps and other integral tools are still used in some occasions, in modern turning processes, indexable turning tools have been in a dominant position. . With the popularity of CNC machine tools, indexable tools have effectively replaced high-speed steel tools, carbide brazing tools and special shaped tools. With the multi-axis linkage of CNC machine tools and almost no need to use turning tools, indexable turning tools can simplify the generation of complex shapes. In addition, the use of indexable drills on a lathe is also more advantageous than the use of traditional integral high-speed steel or cemented carbide drills. Usually, an indexable drill bit is used to electric drill the hole first, and then the electric drill bit is offset from the center of the hole to ream the hole, so that boring with a boring tool is not needed. Since the turret tool post of CNC lathes usually damages standard drills due to misalignment caused by wear, the use of indexable drills will be more suitable for this misalignment. Like indexable drills, grooving and turning inserts that diversify the functions of grooving inserts represent a huge improvement in turning tools. Old-fashioned grooving technology can only feed in one direction, while grooving turning inserts can feed in both radial and axial directions.
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