The importance of the selection of geological drill pipes and the introduction of the key points of the use of diamond drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-02
04-12 10:44:38 Geological drill pipes are of great importance in the current geological prospecting process. When paired with PDC electric drill bits and diamond drill bits, it has a double effect and can effectively reduce the expenditure of manpower and material resources. Even some more complicated situations can be easily solved, and as technology gradually enters the stage of improvement, people will find that a new product has already appeared on the market, and this new product is to a certain extent The above can effectively reduce accidents, and for the majority of users, it can also effectively improve work efficiency. When using a diamond electric drill bit, it also needs to be equipped with a reamer, which must strictly follow the physical and mechanical properties, such as the abrasiveness, hardness, strength and integrity of the rock. When selecting a diamond bit, it is also necessary to combine the quality of the diamond, the type of the diamond bit, etc. At present, there are many differences in the shape of the diamond bit. How to choose a semi-circular shape? It needs to be combined with the actual situation and used after check-in to effectively ensure that the effect is not prone to failure, can effectively extend the time of use, and minimize the cost of maintenance. The geological electric drill pipe is made of high-quality alloy steel pipes, so after vacuum treatment, it can effectively improve the strength of fatigue resistance, and it also has the strength of shear resistance, the quality is relatively good, and the phenomenon of wear can be effectively reduced. In the development process, the friction welding process is mainly selected, which can effectively ensure a requirement for straightness, so no matter what environment it is used in, it has a strong anti-fatigue effect and can effectively extend the use time. This is an advanced CNC machining equipment with stable quality and relatively high production efficiency.
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