The meaning of geological drill pipes and the advantages of diamond composite drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-02
10-12 10:08:41    In the use of coal mine drilling, the application of geological drill pipes is very extensive. Our Pengyu drilling tool manufacturer is specialized in the production of geological drill pipes, spiral drill pipes, and geological spiral drill pipes. Kinds of drill pipes, in the application of these drill pipes, geological drill pipes are widely used.  Geological drill pipe is a drilling tool used in coal mine water exploration, gas exploration and geological exploration. The geological electric drill pipes produced by our Pengyu geological drill pipe and drilling tool manufacturers are also called anti-British drill pipes, round drill pipes, flat drill pipes, geological alloy drill pipes and coal mine tunnel conventional drill pipes, including those with a diameter of less than 89mm for petroleum drilling Exploration drill pipes and down-the-hole drill pipes used in mine development.   In terms of the diameter range of geological electric drill pipes, the main specifications and models of geological drill pipes are: Φ34mm (33.5) Φ42mmΦ triangular drill pipe 50mmΦ60mmΦ63.5mmΦ73mmΦ89mm and other 7 common specifications. In terms of the length of geological drill pipes, the production length of geological drill pipes can be customized according to customer needs without affecting the process principles. The commonly used lengths are 0.5 m, 0.8 m, 1 m, and 1.5 m, of which 1 m is the most common.   Diamond multi-groove drill pipe combined bit is a drill bit used as a cutting bit. It is suitable for drilling in soft-medium-hard formations when used in the field. It has the characteristics of fast speed, long footage, long life, and small downhole accidents. When it is damaged, it can be repaired. The repaired diamond bit is similar to the one before the factory, which can save costs. So how can the diamond bit take its best advantage?  1 Diamond bit. Preparation before drilling: Check the previous bit for damage to the bit body, missing teeth, etc., make sure the bottom of the well is clean and free of falling objects, carefully handle the bit, and place the bit on a rubber pad or wooden board. It is forbidden to place the drill directly on the iron plate.  2. Make-up: clean the male or female button of the drill bit and apply thread oil, clamp the shackle on the drill bit, and lower the drill string to make it contact with the male or female button. 3. Drilling: lower the drill bit slowly, especially slowly through the turntable, blowout preventer, and casing hanger to protect the cutting teeth. Pay attention to the block encountered during the last trip and encounter during the drilling process. When reducing the diameter and doglegs, the drill bit should be passed slowly.  4. Hole-cutting: It is not recommended to use diamond drill bits for hole-cutting. If it is necessary to make eyelashes, the rated displacement should be used.  
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