The milling cutter head can be divided into two working forms when in use

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-21
There are two main ways to re-grind milling cutter heads: one is ordinary tools that do not require high dimensional accuracy and have simple blade shapes. The user manually re-grinds and sharpens the edge with a common tool grinder. The characteristic of this re-grinding method is to re-grind. The master’s requirements are high and must have a certain understanding of the tool. The reground tools can generally only be used for rough machining; one is the precision integral tools with complex shapes and high requirements on external dimensions. Users usually entrust the used tools to the tool manufacturer. Or a local tool professional grinding factory for re-grinding. The characteristic of this re-grinding process is that the tool re-grinding process is through software program editing and precise positioning of the probe. The performance and life of the sharpened tool can reach more than 90% of the new tool. The user can choose the above two methods to re-grind and reprocess the milling cutter head according to the different use requirements, which can save the use of cemented carbide raw materials and reduce the cost of the tool. Therefore, the grinding and reprocessing of the tool saves money and has high economic and social value.   When it comes to milling cutter heads, it is generally divided into left-handed cutter heads and right-handed cutter heads. Seen from the front of the cutter head, if the direction of rotation is clockwise, it is called a left-handed cutter head; if the direction of rotation is counterclockwise, it is called a right-handed cutter head. When cutting a left-handed gear with a left-handed cutter, the chip thickness increases from small to large, and then the blade leaves the workpiece, and the iron filings change from thin to thick. In this way, the blade will generate a large squeezing force at the moment of starting to cut, generate a lot of heat, and accelerate the wear of the blade. It is called up milling. When cutting a left-handed gear with a right-handed cutter, the cutting of the blade starts from a large cutting thickness. The iron chips cut by the blade change from thickness to thinner, and the cutting force ratio is small, which avoids the extrusion phenomenon, which is called down milling.
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