The role of roller cone bit technical services will become more and more obvious

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-31
At present, the market for oil roller cone bits is no longer chaotic and has become standardized and orderly, and market competition is developing towards product differentiation, brand and after-sales service competition. One of the two cornerstones of market competitiveness, the role of roller bit technical services will become more and more obvious. 1. Data collection content for roller cone bits 1. Stratum lithology The lithology and hardness of the formation are different, and the rock breaking mechanism is different, which causes the roller cone bit to fail in different forms. The petrophysical and mechanical properties of the formation lithology, which is common in the drilling of various oil fields in my country, have been measured. According to the collected stratum lithology and drilling time records per meter of lithology, analyze the hardness, plasticity, brittleness, abrasiveness and drillability of the stratum rock, and compare the failure mode of the roller bit to confirm the selection and selection of the roller bit Is it fair to use? 2. Well section location Rocks at different locations in the earth's crust have great changes in their mechanical properties. The deeply buried rock is in a state of multi-directional compressive stress, which reduces the pores of the rock and increases its strength. The rock in the upper well section is generally loosely cemented and soft, and the roller cone bit has a high rotation speed and a low drilling pressure. The lower part of the well section generally has hard rock and high abrasiveness, low rotation speed of the roller cone bit, high weight on bit, and long service time. Analyze the hardness, plasticity, brittleness, abrasiveness and drillability characteristics of the formation rock according to the collected well section location and lithology drilling time per meter, and compare the failure mode of the roller bit to confirm the selection and use of the roller bit Is it fair? 3. Well structure Different well structures have special requirements for the size, model and use of roller bits. For example, the bevel roller bit is generally required to have trimming teeth or a gauge structure, and the use requires high speed and low WOB. Collect well structure, cone bit selection, usage parameters and other data, and confirm whether the cone bit selection and use are fair according to the form of failure of the cone bit. 4. Drilling parameters The determination of weight on bit and rotation speed not only determines the efficiency of rock crushing of the roller cone bit, but also affects the wear of the teeth and bearings of the roller cone bit. In shallow wells and soft formations, the cone bit is mainly shearing, and generally uses high speed and low drilling pressure. In medium-hard formations, the roller cone bit produces a combined effect of shearing, impact, and crushing. Generally, medium-speed and medium- and high-weight WOBs are used. In deep wells and hard formations, roller cone bits are mainly crushed and impacted, and generally use higher weight-on-bit and low rotational speed. The reasonable choice of drilling parameters largely determines the failure mode of roller cone bits. Collect the records of shift reports and index weight tables, analyze the used drilling parameters and their changes, and determine the fairness of use according to the failure mode of the roller cone bit.
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