The roller cone bit introduces its characteristics in detail

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-23
The roller cone electric drill bit introduces its characteristics in detail:    1. The roller cone electric drill bit adopts hydraulic cylinder pressurization technology, and the hydraulic system is equipped with an accumulator, which can not only ensure the forming pressure, but also ensure the safe operation of the equipment.   2. According to the different requirements of users, I can provide asbestos tiles of different specifications and shapes. The asbestos tiles have high smoothness after grinding, easy to demold, and have regular shapes.  3. The material inlet is equipped with a seasoning plate, which can easily adjust the material input to ensure that the material compression ratio is controlled within a certain ratio range, and the ball formation rate is as high as 96%. 4. The roller cone electric drill bit uses the current domestic, more advanced expansion sleeve inlay structure, which can not only avoid the jamming phenomenon caused by the interference fit of the roller skin and the wheel hub, but also it is more convenient to replace, avoiding the replacement of the roller skin. , It needs to be disassembled and sent to the manufacturer, and the roller skin is ejected and replaced with greater pressure. The user can disassemble and assemble on site, which can be completed in two or three hours at most, which greatly saves costs and improves production efficiency.   5. The asbestos tile forming machine adopts a mechanical shifting device and a polymer wear-resistant anti-blocking liner at the feed inlet, and the cloth is uniform, which can effectively solve the problem of shed material caused by the accumulation of materials at the feed angle.
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