The short board of diamond drill manufacturing and its solution

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-21
12-26 10:33:45 In order to overcome the 'short plate' of hot pressing and sintering of diamond drill bits, and to give play to the strengths of cold pressing and impregnation, using the advantages of microwave sintering can produce innovative technologies. Although cold-pressed sintered drill bits and microwave heating technology are not new technologies, they have been developed for many years. However, the use of high-pressure forming in cold-pressed dipping drills to replace low-pressure sintering in hot-press sintering can greatly increase the sintering pressure; use microwave sintering to replace the current The intermediate frequency sintering used can improve the shortcomings of hot pressing sintering. Combining these two technologies is an innovation, which will play an important role in improving the performance of diamond drill bits and the economic indicators of drilling technology. It is recommended to conduct experimental research on this innovative technology. (1) Diamond drilling is an important drilling method, which has been widely used in geological exploration drilling and has made great achievements, and has made great contributions to my country's economic construction. my country mainly uses hot-pressing sintered diamond electric drill bits. After years of hard work, good social and economic benefits have been achieved. However, the problem with this kind of drill bit is that the drill bit footage is not ideal. The Russian diamond drill bit can reach more than 100 m in drillable rocks of grade 8-10, and most of our machines are far from reaching this figure. We need to be careful. Analysis. It can be considered that microwave heating has the characteristics of internal heating, which can overcome the 'cold center' in the material, rapid heating, selective dielectric heating, easy automatic control, and energy saving. It has been widely used in many industries and achieved good results. The results. In the production of diamond drill bits in my country, intermediate frequency furnace heating is mainly used at present. If it can be changed to microwave heating, it will be a great improvement, which can improve the performance of the drill bit and increase the drilling speed. (2) There are many reasons why the drill footage is not ideal. However, one of the possible reasons is that the hot pressing sintering pressure used in our country is low. According to the research results, this pressure should be 15-22 MPa, while the actual pressure used in the production of electric drill bits in my country is generally only 5-6 MPa. It can be seen that the actual sintering pressure is far lower than the research results, and much lower, which may be a 'short board' of low performance and poor technical and economic indicators of the hot-pressed sintered bit.
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