The structure and specifications of drill pipes, although geological drill pipes are small, there is not much knowledge in it

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-19
12-15 10:51:32 pipe is the basic component of the electric drill string. It is made of seamless steel pipe (the wall thickness is generally 9~11mm). Its main function is to transmit torque and transport drilling fluid. The gradual lengthening of the rod deepens the borehole continuously. Therefore, drill pipe occupies a very important position in oil drilling. The drill pipe is composed of seamless steel pipes, the wall thickness is generally 9~11mm, and the drill pipe body and the drill pipe joint are composed of two parts. There are two ways to connect the pipe body joint of the electric drill pipe: one is to use the threaded buckle connection, that is, both ends of the pipe body are equipped with thin male buckles, which are connected with the female thin buckle at one end of the joint. Fine buckle drill pipe; the other is that the pipe body and the joint are butt welded together by friction welding. This type of drill pipe is called butt welded drill pipe. pipes with fine buckles have been basically eliminated, and all the drill pipes currently produced or imported in my country are butt-welded electric drill pipes (drill pipes without buckles). △ pipe structure diagram △Butt welding of drill pipe joint and pipe body
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