The technical requirements of two different saw blade milling cutters are different

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-28
The saw blade milling cutter adopts cemented carbide and new technology, which has high precision, good wear resistance, high processing efficiency, good processing quality and long service life. It is suitable for various materials such as steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc. In a reasonable blade Satisfactory cutting results can be obtained under the conditions of grinding and reasonable selection of cutting parameters. The product specifications are complete, *, and strong technical force, suitable for processing alloy steel, quenched and tempered steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.    Medium and small size saw blade milling cutter technical requirements:      1. There should be no cracks on the surface of the milling cutter, the cutting edge is sharp, no chipping, blunt edges, annealing and other shortcomings that affect its performance.     2. The surface roughness of the milling cutter should not be greater than the standard.     3. The saw blade milling cutter is made of W6Mo5Cr4V2 or high-speed steel with equivalent performance, cemented carbide and other materials.     Saw Blade Milling Cutter Purpose: Mainly used for machining or cutting narrow and deep grooves of iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials below medium-hardness. It can also be used for milling of plastics, wood and other non-metals. Superhard material saw blade milling cutter, carbide saw blade is mainly used for milling processing of difficult-to-cut materials (heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and other high-strength steel). Small and medium-sized saw blade milling cutters are suitable for processing all kinds of metal materials and difficult-to-process materials. The processing has high smoothness and improves processing efficiency. Especially for difficult-to-process materials, it is processed in textiles, electronics, optics, glasses frames, locks and other industries. Advanced tools.     small and medium-sized saw blade milling cutter axial and radial runout ≤ 0.01mm. Dimensions, tolerances, tooth profile, etc. can be processed according to your company's requirements. High-speed steel saw blade milling cutters can also be processed according to requirements. The outer diameter specifications are: 5.0~1000mm, thickness: 0.15mm or more (thickness is related to the outer diameter size, depending on the size)      Small and medium size saw blade milling cutter Matters:      1. The accuracy of the tool installation on the spindle, the radial runout is 0.01 mm, and the axial runout is 0.01 mm.     2. The machine tool requires high precision, smooth spindle drive, stable feed rate, and sufficient coolant. Ultra-thin micro-saw blade milling cutter use:      various aluminum/aluminum tubes, thin-walled aluminum products, aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain wall profiles, etc. Cutting ultra-thin micro-saw blade milling cutter Features:      Japanese steel plate, European cutter head, combined For the thin-walled aluminum tube and aluminum sawing, a special tooth profile and technology are used to make the aluminum cutting surface smooth, burr-free and non-deformed. Warm reminder:      1. Since the ultra-thin micro-saw blade milling cutter is relatively thin, be sure to press The flange clamping surface of the saw blade is clean and free of foreign matter. 2. The higher the accuracy of the equipment spindle, the longer the service life of the saw blade.     3. The speed of the ultra-thin micro saw blade milling cutter is less than 80% of that of the conventional saw blade, which greatly improves the service life of the saw blade.    4. The spray amount of lubricating fluid and cooling fluid must be large, and ensure that it is sprayed on the saw blade, which can cool the lubricating fluid and prevent the saw blade from heating and causing deformation and scrap.     5. The ultra-thin micro saw blade milling cutter ensures that the cutting workpiece is not loosened. Otherwise it is easy to damage the saw blade.     6. When the sawing sound is abnormal, please stop working immediately and send the saw blade to a professional manufacturer for repair and grinding.
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