The uneven products are caused by several major reasons

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-05
At present, what are the reasons for the large gap between the products of tri-cone bit manufacturers in the domestic market? I believe many people don't understand it very well. At present, our domestic products are not only widely used in the domestic market, but also developed into many international projects. The unevenness of the products is mainly caused by the following major reasons.   There are many tri-cone bit manufacturers in the market, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, differentiated and branded. The main reason for the quality of the products is the materials they choose and the craftsmanship. The selected material has high hardness to meet the needs of different geological stages. The lithology and hardness of the stratum are different, and the rock breaking mechanism is different, and the forms of failure of the roller cone bit are also different. The petrophysical and mechanical properties of the formation lithology, which is common in the drilling of various oil fields in my country, have been measured. According to the collected stratum lithology and drilling time records per meter of lithology collected on site, the hardness, plasticity, brittleness, abrasiveness and drillability of the stratum rock are analyzed, and the failure modes of roller cone bits are compared. According to a large amount of data to carry out research and development and improvement, so that the quality of the product can be more stable. Some large companies have very rich experience, so the design of the product on the limit of wine can better meet the needs of more industries. What are the reasons for the large product gap between tri-cone bit manufacturers? Do you also have some basic understanding? In order to obtain a certain profit, many industries will use some old products to recycle, and then make slight changes to put them in the market. The performance of such products is also very poor.
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