These are the main reasons for the wear of the milling cutter

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-22
The milling cutter is a tool used for milling the plane of the workpiece in the machining process. It is called a milling cutter because it is larger than a general milling cutter and shaped like a disk. Reasons for wear of milling cutter head:    1. Phase change wear of milling cutter head: Different steel parts have a certain phase transition temperature. When the cutting temperature exceeds the phase transition temperature, the metallographic structure will change to make its hardness Reduce, make its surface hardness low and wear quickly. 2. Diffusion wear of the milling cutter head: Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, the metal that the workpiece and the tool are in close contact and friction will diffuse to each other in a solid state, which changes the material of the tool and the chemical composition of the workpiece material, so that the CNC tool The strength and hardness decrease, causing the milling cutter to wear, which is diffusion wear.   3. Oxidation wear of the milling cutter head: When the cutting temperature reaches a certain temperature, the oxygen in the air will oxidize with the cemented carbide, and the CNC tool will produce loose oxides, which are easily taken away by the chips and the workpiece. The tool wear caused by this is called oxidative wear.  4. Abrasive wear of milling cutter head: It is a kind of wear caused by mechanical abrasion. With various milling cutter head materials at different cutting speeds, abrasive wear may occur. The main reason for abrasive wear when cutting with high-speed steel milling cutters at low speed is because high-speed steel has low wear resistance. When cutting workpiece materials with many hard spots and large scratches, high-speed steel tools are more likely to produce abrasion. Grain wear. 5. Adhesive wear of the milling cutter head: Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, between the chip and the rake face, the workpiece surface and the flank face, because the adsorption film is squeezed, the contact of the fresh molecular surface is formed. When the distance between atoms is reached, bonding occurs. In the relative movement between the milling cutter head material and the workpiece material, the bonding point is constantly sheared and broken, and the wear of the tool material at the bonding point by the workpiece or chips is called bonding wear.  6. u200bu200bThermal cracking and wear of milling cutter head: When processing with tungsten steel tools, the cutter teeth periodically cut in and out, because of sudden heat and sudden cooling, considerable thermal stress is generated. After many times of repetition, the surface layer of the cutter tooth will appear cracks and even collapse. The phenomenon is called hot crack wear. The reason is not single, all kinds of wear affect each other, and the degree of wear mainly depends on the cutting temperature and mechanical friction. During cutting, you can reduce friction by lowering the cutting temperature, and choosing the right tool material to reduce friction.
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