These materials can be used in saw blade milling cutters to achieve their full performance

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-22
Saw blade milling cutter is both a saw blade and a milling cutter. It is the product of both. Saw blade milling cutters are mostly made of W6Mo5Cr4V2 or equivalent high-speed steel, cemented carbide and other materials. Although the hardness of cemented carbide is higher than that of high-speed steel, and the cutting force is stronger, it can increase the speed and feed rate and increase the productivity. However, the knife is not obvious. Although it can process difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel/titanium alloy, the cost is higher, and the knife is easy to break when the cutting force changes rapidly. The basic requirements for cutting some materials of the saw blade milling cutter:    1. High strength and good toughness: During the cutting process, the tool has to withstand a large impact, so the tool material must have high strength, otherwise it will be easy to break and damage .  2. High hardness and wear resistance: At room temperature, the cutting part of the material must have sufficient hardness to cut into the workpiece; with high wear resistance, the tool will not wear and extend the service life. 3. Good heat resistance: the tool will generate a lot of heat during the cutting process, especially when the cutting speed is high, the temperature will be very high. Therefore, the tool material should have good heat resistance, even at high temperatures. It can maintain high hardness and has the ability to continue cutting. This property of high temperature hardness is also called hot hardness or red hardness. The cemented carbide commonly used for saw blade milling cutters can generally be divided into three categories:   1. Tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide (YG)    commonly used grades YG3, YG6, YG8, where the number represents the percentage of cobalt content, the more cobalt content, The better the toughness, the more resistant to shock and vibration, but the hardness and wear resistance will be reduced. Therefore, the alloy is suitable for cutting cast iron and non-ferrous metals, and can also be used for cutting rough and hardened steel and stainless steel parts with high impact.  2. Titanium-cobalt cemented carbide (YT)   The commonly used grades are YT5, YT15, YT30, and the numbers indicate the percentage of titanium carbide. After the cemented carbide contains titanium carbide, it can increase the bonding temperature of the steel, reduce the friction coefficient, and slightly increase the hardness and wear resistance, but it reduces the bending strength and toughness and makes the properties brittle. Therefore, the Class alloys are suitable for cutting steel parts. 3. For general-purpose cemented carbide, add an appropriate amount of rare metal carbides, such as tantalum carbide and niobium carbide, to the above two cemented carbides to refine their grains and improve their room temperature and high temperature hardness, wear resistance, and adhesion. The bonding temperature and oxidation resistance can increase the toughness of the alloy. Therefore, this type of cemented carbide knife has better comprehensive cutting performance and versatility. Its brands are: YW1, YW2 and YA6, etc. Expensive, mainly used for difficult-to-process materials, such as high-strength steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, etc.  Phenomena that will occur after the saw blade milling cutter is passivated   1. From the shape of the knife edge, the knife edge has a shiny white spot.   2. The milling process produces severe vibration and abnormal noise.  3. When using a cemented carbide milling cutter to mill steel parts, a lot of fire mist is often flying out.  4. Milling steel parts with high-speed steel milling cutters, such as oil lubrication and cooling, will produce a lot of smoke.   5. The surface roughness of the workpiece is very poor, and there are bright spots on the surface of the workpiece with knife marks or ripples.  6. u200bu200bSeen from the shape of the chip, the chip becomes thick and flaky. As the temperature of the chip rises, the color of the chip becomes purple and smokes.
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