Tips on the use of face milling cutters in the industry

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-29
Three-sided edge milling cutter, referred to as three-sided edge. The three cutting edges have a relief angle, the cutting edge is sharp, and the cutting is brisk. Its shape is like 'the biscuits with a round hole in the middle'. Its outer circle and the two end faces near the outer circle have cutting edges, so it is called three sides blade. The main cutting edges of the tri-face milling cutter are distributed on the cylindrical surface of the milling cutter, and the secondary cutting edges are distributed on both end surfaces. When in use, the knife is installed on the shank of the horizontal milling machine. Of course, it can also be installed on other machine tools. It is generally used for milling grooves and steps. In addition to the main cutting edge on the circumferential surface, the    three-sided face milling cutter also has secondary cutting edges on both sides, thereby improving the cutting conditions, increasing the cutting efficiency and reducing the surface roughness. Mainly used for milling of stepped and grooved surfaces of metal materials with medium hardness and strength. It can also be used for processing of non-metallic materials. The superhard material three-sided and edge milling cutter is used for milling of stepped and grooved surfaces of difficult-to-cut materials. Processing. Mainly used for milling grooves of fixed size, but also for milling general grooves, stepped surfaces, and side surfaces. It has high hardness and bending strength, and has good high wear resistance, but the impact resistance is slightly worse. It is suitable for non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals of higher hardness materials such as quenching and tempering, and is more suitable for light cutting of low and medium speed metals. Generally used for good working conditions, stable cutting, continuous light machining.   Three-sided edge milling cutter use: Mainly used for processing or cutting narrow and deep grooves in iron, aluminum, copper, steel and other metal materials below medium-hardness. It can also be used for milling of plastics, wood, fibers and other non-metals. It has good wear resistance and impact resistance, and good manufacturability. It is generally used for high-speed light cutting and cutting all kinds of difficult-to-machine materials. After coating, the effect is better, the tool life is good, and the wear resistance is high.   When using ordinary three-face milling cutters to cut deep grooves, due to the large width of the main cutting edge, the chips are thin and wide, the chip evacuation is very poor, it is easy to block and cause vibration, and it will damage the tool in severe cases. If you use chip splitting face milling cutter, the above situation will be avoided. There are two types of chip splitting face milling cutters. Suitable for milling cutters with width Bu003d10~16mm, and suitable for milling cutters with width Bu003d5~8mm. This chip-dividing three-side and face milling cutter can be remade with ordinary three-side and face milling cutters, and generally can be sharpened by hand. The cutting width of each tooth is reduced to about 1/2 of the original, so the chips are narrow and thick, curling naturally, chip removal is smooth, cutting resistance is small, and vibration is not easy to cause. The feed rate can be increased by 3 to 5 times compared with standard milling cutters. . The heat dissipation and cooling conditions are good, the durability of the milling cutter is high, and the cutting speed of milling general steel can be increased to 45-60m/min. The cutting is stable, there is no blockage of chips, and the surface roughness of the workpiece can reach Ra3.2~1.6μm. Practice has proved that the use of chip splitting face milling cutter is a simple, reliable and good way to improve milling efficiency. How to bond the three-side and face milling cutter blade to the cutter head: The original three-face and face milling cutter adopts the method of gear setting, which combines the blade and the cutter head. The process is complicated, the manufacturing cycle is long, and the cost is high. The method of bonding is adopted , Can omit the tooth pattern processing process, and the matching accuracy of the blade and the knife groove does not need to be strictly controlled, leaving a gap of 0.15 to 0.20mm. However, the surface of the adhered part of the blade and the knife groove must be as rough as possible, or artificially made some irregular small grooves to increase the bonding strength. When used in large quantities, precision cast cutter heads can be used. Grind the inner hole, process the keyway and the end faces of the two flanges. Coarse the surface of the door piece to be adhered. The knife groove does not need to be roughened. It can use the rough surface of the casting itself to be bonded.
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