Tri-cone bit specifications and models

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-06
Tri-cone electric drill bits are widely used. They can accumulate and crush high-hardness rocks, greatly increase the drilling speed, and are more suitable for all kinds of rocks. So what are the specifications and models of the tri-cone bit? Tri-cone drill bit model: 3 7/8(98mm) ,4 5/8(118mm) ,5 7/8(149mm) ,6(152mm) ,6 1/2(165mm) ,7 1/2(190mm) ,7 7/8(200mm) ,8 1/2(216mm) ,9 1/2(241mm) ,9 7/8(250mm) ,10 5/8(269mm) ,11 5/8(295mm) ,12 1/4(311mm),13 5/8(346mm),15 1/2(393mm),16(406mm),17 1/2(445mm),26(660mm)(76mm-660mm). Tri-cone drill bit Specifications: Inlaid tooth tri-cone bits, steel tooth tri-cone bits, mining cone bits, petroleum drill bits, cemented carbide tri-cone bits, composite PDC bits, core bits, diamond bits, large-diameter assembly bits.
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