Tri-cone drill bit has a unique use process

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-12
Tri-cone drill bit has its own set of unique technological process, which can make it more convenient for us to use it. I don't know if you know it. If you don't know, please follow us to find out.   When installing and disassembling him, take care to protect the gears on it from damage. Secondly, the mud on it must be cleared in time to ensure that the water eye is unobstructed, and the drilling speed must be properly controlled according to the actual depth and geological characteristics such as rock composition and rock thickness when using it. .  During the drilling process, we will often encounter bad drilling situations. At this time, we must adjust the relevant parameters in time to solve the problem. She uses the latest materials in production and processing, because it is mainly used in the petroleum field, so its quality will directly affect the entire drilling process. However, in actual use, the drill bit is often damaged because of its contact with different formations and rocks, so pay more attention to it during use.  Only by paying attention to him at ordinary times to maintain it, and at the same time, it can be operated and used correctly in the process of use, in order to minimize its damage rate and improve the efficiency of working PDC drill bits. When loading and unloading him, it is necessary to use professional fasteners to avoid direct contact with various metal objects, his cutting teeth, and then check the water eye of the electric drill bit. The water eye is not blocked, which can ensure the smooth passage of high-pressure water. If the water eye has no foreign matter and is clean, the high-pressure nozzle can be installed. Only when the nozzle can be used normally, it can be guaranteed to extend its service life.   The quality of the drilling, the efficiency of the drilling, and the cost of the drilling are all affected by him. Therefore, choosing a good bit and using a good bit is a very important thing. It is widely used in drilling, and it can be said to be a not very good choice. It must be very clean and tidy before use. Because if there are other things remaining in the electric drill bit, the overall work efficiency will be greatly affected during the drilling and mining process. Therefore, it must be cleaned and cleaned after each use to ensure that it is clean.
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