Use conditions of tri-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-08
The conditions of use of tri-cone bits Today I will introduce to you the conditions under which tri-cone bits are used. The use conditions of tri-cone bits are very important and are the prerequisite for a better quality drill. Before use, you must read carefully about the use of tri-cone bits. (1) If there is a phenomenon of jerky drilling downhole, the drill bit should be checked out in time. (2) a. Use a special up-and-down tool for loading and unloading PDC drill bits, and the inside and out of the electric drill bit should be locked. b. The bottom of the well is clean with no metal falling objects c. The downhole conditions are normal, the wellbore is unobstructed, and the drill bit can go down to the bottom of the well; the drill bit should be lightly pressed and slowly rotated to smoothly touch the bottom of the well. The roller cone bit should be 'run-in' for about 1 hour, and then drill according to the design requirements; the PDC bit should be lightly pressed and slowly rotated at the bottom of the well to 'shape' 1-2 meters, so that the bottom of the well is consistent with the bit. Then drill according to the design parameters. d. There are corresponding technical measures for drilling and dealing with abnormal conditions in the well. A drill accident should be reported truthfully so that correct handling measures can be taken, and an accident report should be written in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements. (3) For loading and unloading tri-cone bits, a bit box that conforms to the specifications of the bit should be used to avoid damage to the bit body. Under no circumstances should you use large tongs to bite the palm of the drill bit and the cone body. Care must be taken during the drilling process to evenly feed the drill and not pressurize the turntable. Nozzle circlip (the circlip can be flexibly rotated after being inserted into the groove to indicate that it has been locked, otherwise it should be re-inserted); before the bit enters the well, carefully analyze the use of the previous bit and In the downhole situation, prepare for the good use of the bit. The basic conditions for the drill bit to enter the well are: a. The model of the drill bit is compatible with the stratum lithology; when there is no special tool, protective measures should be taken to prevent damage to the cutting teeth, check whether the '0' ring in the water hole of the drill bit is intact, and clean the nozzle. Press the nozzle into the water hole with the cone bit by hand or with a wooden stick. (4) During the drilling process, if it encounters resistance and cannot be hard pressed, according to different conditions in the well, the water hole on the pump top should be opened at the right time. When decisively, the drill is changed to be processed according to the eye-drawing procedure. (5) After drilling, when the drill bit is a single root from the bottom of the well, the pump should be opened to wash the well. The drill bit is about 1 meter away from the bottom of the well. Start the turntable and lower it to the bottom of the well. Fill in the use card of the bit in time to accurately describe the wear and tear of the bit. , Record the use parameters of the drill in detail.
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