Various milling processes of end mills in use

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-24
The main cutting edge of an end mill is a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end surface is a secondary cutting edge. An end mill without a center edge cannot feed along the axial direction of the milling cutter when it is working. According to national standards, the diameter of end mills is 2-50 mm, which can be divided into two types: coarse teeth and fine teeth. Diameter 2-20 is the range of straight shank, diameter 14-50 is the range of taper shank. Another problem that may occur after the end mill is clamped is that the end mill is broken at the tool holder port during processing. The reason is generally because the tool holder has been used for too long, and the tool holder port has been worn into a tapered shape. The tool holder should be replaced with a new one. During the milling process, sometimes the end mill may gradually protrude from the tool holder, or even fall completely, causing the workpiece to be scrapped. The reason is generally between the inner hole of the tool holder and the outer diameter of the end mill holder. There is an oil film, resulting in insufficient clamping force.  End milling cutter: Mainly used for milling processing, such as milling planes, step surfaces, grooves, forming surfaces, etc. Secondly, milling cutters can also be used for cutting, such as cutting milling cutters, saw blade milling cutters. The common diameter of milling cutters is 1-25, and those with less than 1mm are often called micro-diameter milling cutters, such as 0.2-0.9mm in diameter. For large diameters greater than 20mm, the cost of using integral milling cutters is relatively high, and most of them will use 'toolholder + cutter grain   Commonly used milling cutters are 1 flute, 2- flute, 3- flute and 4- flute. A small part of the finishing process requires 6 blades.   is classified according to the shape, etc.: Milling cutters can be divided into flat-bottomed cutters, ball-end cutters, round nose cutters, profile cutters, chamfer cutters, T-shaped cutters, tooth cutters, rough skin cutters, etc.   Drill: Mainly used for drilling, drilling is divided into through hole and blind hole. Generally, the processing size is 2~40mm.  The commonly used drills mainly include twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and nesting drills. Although reamers and countersink drills cannot drill holes on solid materials, they are customarily classified as drill bits.  End milling cutter classification  There are many kinds of milling cutter shapes, which are used for processing grooves and linear contours on ordinary milling machines and CNC milling machines, and for processing cavities, cores, and curved surface contours on milling and boring machining centers. Milling cutters are roughly divided into:   1. Flat-end milling cutter, for fine milling or rough milling, milling grooves, removing a lot of blanks, small area horizontal plane or contour finishing;   2. Ball-end milling cutter, for curved surface semi-finishing and Fine milling; the knife can finish milling small chamfers on steep surfaces/straight walls.  3. Round nose milling cutter, for rough milling with small surface changes, fewer narrow and concave areas, and more relatively flat areas.  4. Flat-end milling cutter with chamfer, can be used for rough milling to remove a large amount of blanks, and also for fine milling of small chamfers on the flat surface.   5. Forming cutters, including chamfer cutters, T-shaped cutters or drum cutters, tooth cutters, and inner R cutters.  6. u200bu200bChamfering cutter, the shape of the chamfering cutter is the same as the chamfering shape, and it is divided into milling cutters for round chamfering and oblique chamfering.  7. T-shaped cutter can mill T-slots;   8. Tooth-shaped cutter, mill various tooth shapes, such as gears.  9. End mill rough leather knife, rough milling cutter designed for cutting aluminum-copper alloy, can be processed quickly.
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