What are the advantages of tri-cone bits in use

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-11
What are the advantages of tri-cone bits in the use process? Tri-cone bits have a wide range of applications. Now this type of bit is the most commonly used in underground drilling and geological drilling in the petroleum industry. The reason why its use range is so wide is inseparable from its role in drilling. Let's take a look at some of its advantages in the process of use, in order to facilitate better application in work. The tri-cone bit has a strong drilling ability. Through its rotation, it has a great impact on the rock formation and can break the rock. And the use ability of this kind of electric drill bit is also very strong, it can use soft, medium and hard three kinds of formations. This also facilitates our use and reduces the trouble of replacing the electric drill bit. In addition, the drilling speed of tri-cone bits is very fast, faster than ordinary bits. The quality of this type of electric drill is very good, and its service life is relatively long. The price of these products is relatively low. Now it is the most common drill bit used abroad.
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