What are the characteristics of triangular drill pipes and why geological drill pipes are invalid?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-13
09-03 12:27:16 In the overall design of the cone bolt connection type, the rod body adopts a triangular pyramid structure, which can best reflect the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency in production and application, so it is called the triangular pyramid type with high efficiency Friction welded drill pipe, commonly known as triangular electric drill pipe. The use of three-sided differential mixing makes the slag not settled and efficiently discharged during fitness exercises. In addition, the design plan ensures that the profit of the same drill pipe is maximized. The hexagonal plug connection type drill pipe connector adopts the six square interface method, so that the torque and comprehensive physical properties of the drill pipe under the same diameter standard can be optimally equipped, which can best reflect the maximum profit of the drill pipe torque. The overall goal of the design plan. The use of special-purpose horizontal drill pipe elastic yellow circlip connection, reasonably prevents the external thread of the drill pipe from jamming, and the screw head is unscrewed. In addition, the installation and disassembly of the spring yellow circlip across the drill pipe is convenient and convenient, which saves costs. Compared with the external thread or anchor bolt type fixed immovable pin, the work efficiency is further improved. In today's rapid economic development, the development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry is also rapidly developing. pipes play an increasingly key role in the usual production and manufacturing theme activities. pipes are divided into geological drill pipes and non-geological drill pipes. Non-grooving drill pipe digging geological drill pipe is a special tool used to drill into the construction site to transmit the torque and tensile strength of the drilling machine, because it must bear distortion, tensile force and bending at the specified construction site , Friction, vibration, so its production process is very strict. However, due to the limitation of the main production level, it is often found that the drill pipe has strip-like shrinkage in the normal processing process, which seriously harms the quality of the drill pipe and the service life of the diamond drill bit. According to the heat treatment process of the drill pipe, the problem is solved, and it has a key effect on improving the quality of the drill pipe. The ineffective method of drill pipe is mainly the rupture of the drill pipe. Once the drill pipe ruptures during the whole process of directional and itemized drilling, it may cause serious damage to the project, not only a major loss in economic development, but also damage to the construction period, loss of credibility, and unpredictable adverse effects. Therefore, as an engineering construction PDC drill bit or a company, you must learn how to correctly select and apply drill rods. It is necessary to understand the special requirements for drill pipes of various foundation pit excavation or trenchless pipe jacking projects, and produce drill pipes with high toughness, high wear resistance and high reliability. The reason for the invalidity of non-geological drill pipes can be analyzed from two levels: human error and the defects of the drill pipe itself, and the defects of the drill pipe itself are divided into the defects of the design scheme and the defects of the raw material itself. Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of geological drill pipes and PDC drill bits. Its main business is the product development and market sales of various grooved drill pipes, triangular drill pipes and diamond composite drill bits. Root source processing plant production and processing, high performance-price ratio, low price! http://www.lqhyjx.cn/
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