What are the factors related to the failure of geological drill pipes in use?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-05
02-25 15:17:38 Nowadays, geological drill pipes are used in all major industries, but they will encounter a lot of troubles during use, such as breakage or joint breakage, in fact, no matter what the link is Use, these details should attract attention and need to understand why this type of failure occurs. First of all, the fracture of geological drill pipe is mainly related to the selected material. For example, if you choose a steel pipe, the general hardness and toughness need to meet the national standards, otherwise it is likely to be distorted and deformed and cause serious wear. Nowadays, most manufacturers choose high-quality materials when developing their products. In addition, diamond electric drill bits or PDC electric drill bits are added, hoping to effectively ensure excellent compressive strength, excellent operational stability, and avoid subsequent problems. influences. In addition, during the use of geological drill pipes, the surface needs to undergo a series of production and processing. Among them, welding and threads are extremely critical. They must be in a stable state. If electric welding is not fully utilized, the phase of the joint Corresponding movement, it is likely to cause deformation, making the surrounding temperature gradually rise, unconsciously it will cause failure, and it is prone to gradually reduce the resistance.
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