What are the main common specifications of diamond composite drill bits?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-22
08-20 17:35:05 In the current petroleum industry, geological electric drill pipes are needed to improve work efficiency. However, there are already various products on the market, and users may not know how to do it. For normal selection, when choosing to use geological drill pipes, it is also necessary to match the diamond composite drill bit. So what are the main common specifications of the diamond composite drill bit? Diamond composite drill bits are more likely to be used in various industries at present. First, analyze the market price for 28 diameters, 30 diameters, and 30 diameters. In addition, if you want to choose some of the better quality, the main specifications are 75 113 98 153, and 173. As for how to choose, it must be combined with the site of the survey. The diamond composite drill bits provided by different companies will change. For example, when you pay attention to the machinery, you will find that the product specifications you have are more obvious. Among them, there are dozens of unintentional drill bits. As for which one is more used , There is no actual statement, it needs to be combined with the situation on the spot, generally the diameter is 98 or the diameter 133.
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