What are the practicalities of the milling cutter head?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-20
The milling cutter adopts imported raw materials and a brand-new technology to ensure the high precision of the product. The surface is sandblasted and electroplated to make the product corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and anti-oxidation. In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, the editor will share with you the CNC milling What are the characteristics of the cutter head? The milling cutter has large chip capacity, smooth chip removal, and high processing efficiency; coarse and fine tooth structures have their own strengths to meet different conditions for processing; high-precision, long-life tool body; optimized geometry and grades to achieve high removal rate Cutting; Tough cemented carbide shim and self-positioning of the blades make the tool safer and easier to use; the set rate and high finish of the wiper blade are integrated; and the versatility is good. Tool diameter D50-D315; large rake angle design, cutting more briskly. There are two main methods for grinding cutter heads: one is for ordinary tools that do not require high dimensional accuracy and simple blade shapes. The user uses a common tool grinder to manually sharpen the edge. The characteristic of this grinding method is to sharpen the edge. The master's requirements are high and must have a certain understanding of the tool. The grinding tool can generally only be used for rough machining; the first is the precision integral tool with complex shape and high requirements on external dimensions. The user usually entrusts the used tool to the tool manufacturer. Or a local tool professional grinding factory for re-grinding. The characteristic of this re-grinding process is that the tool re-grinding process is through software program editing and precise positioning of the probe, and the re-grinding is carried out completely according to the original tool design parameters and geometric angles. The performance and life of the sharpened tool can reach more than 90% of that of the new tool. The user can choose the above two methods to re-grind and reprocess the milling cutter head according to the different use requirements, which can save the use of cemented carbide raw materials and reduce the cost of the tool. Therefore, the grinding and reprocessing of the tool saves money and has high economic and social value. The milling cutter is generally installed with hard alloy inserts that are not reground. The milling cutter is installed on the main shaft of the milling machine. (The milling cutter can be used for both vertical and horizontal milling). The wedge block is pressed on the cutter head, (usually it can be equipped with eight pieces, a large milling cutter head can be equipped with a dozen carbide blades, and one blade can be installed to mill the plane). Then clamp the workpiece to be milled on the machine flat-nose pliers, or press it on the working surface of the milling machine, and then start the spindle, the milling cutter rotates, and the plane can be milled.  How to install and remove the cutter on the milling cutter:  1. Please fix the handle firmly on the remover, and then install and remove the cutter.  2. When installing the knife, please do not touch your hands directly with the blade to prevent scratching your hands.  3. In order to ensure the safe installation of the tool, please be sure to use the fastening wrench provided by our company.  4. When installing the tool on the machine, please make sure that all the fasteners on the tool have been locked.
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