What are the safety measures for face milling cutters

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-28
Three-sided edge milling cutter: All three cutting edges have clearance angles, the cutting edge is sharp, and the cutting is brisk. The face milling cutter is a standard machine tool, usually used on a horizontal milling machine, and is generally used for milling grooves and steps.   Three-sided edge milling cutter use: In addition to the main cutting edge on the circumferential surface, there are also secondary cutting edges on both sides, thereby improving the cutting conditions, increasing the cutting efficiency and reducing the surface roughness. Mainly used for milling of stepped and grooved surfaces of metal materials with medium hardness and strength. It can also be used for processing of non-metallic materials. The superhard material three-sided and edge milling cutter is used for milling of stepped and grooved surfaces of difficult-to-cut materials. Processing. Mainly used for milling grooves of fixed size, but also for milling general grooves, stepped surfaces, and side surfaces. What are the safety measures for the three-face milling cutter:   1. Improve the clamping method of the tool:    Simulation calculation and fracture test research show that the clamping method of the three-face milling cutter blade does not allow the use of normal friction clamping. The blade and screw clamping method in the center hole, or a specially designed tool structure to prevent the blade from flying away. The direction of the clamping force of the tool holder and the blade is consistent with the direction of the centrifugal force. At the same time, the pre-tightening force of the screw must be controlled to prevent the screw from being damaged in advance due to overload. For small diameter shank milling cutters, hydraulic chucks or thermal expansion and contraction chucks can be used to achieve high precision and high rigidity of clamping. 2. Reduce the quality of the tool, reduce the number of tool components, simplify the tool structure. The relationship between the rupture limit of different tools of the same diameter and the number of tool body mass, the number of tool components and the number of component contact surfaces obtained by experiments. The lighter the weight, the fewer the number of components and the contact surface of the components, and the higher the limit speed of tool breakage. The study found that the use of titanium alloy as the tool body material reduces the quality of the component and can increase the fracture limit and limit speed of the tool. However, due to the sensitivity of titanium alloy to the incision, it is not suitable for manufacturing the cutter body, so some three-face and face milling cutters have used high-strength aluminum alloy to manufacture the cutter body.  3.Improve the dynamic balance of the tool:   Improve the dynamic balance of the tool is of great help to improve the safety of the three-face milling cutter. Because the unbalance of the tool will produce an additional radial load on the spindle system, its magnitude is proportional to the square of the speed. Improving the dynamic balance of the tool can significantly reduce the centrifugal force and improve the safety of high-speed tools.   Three-face and face milling cutters should strengthen the quantitative analysis of tool safety, determine the trace factors that affect the safety of face and face milling cutters, and solve the safety problems of three-face and face milling cutters from the aspects of the tool material, structure, and manufacturing process.
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