What are the special features of tri-cone bits than cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-09
Although both tri-cone bits and cone bits are used in oil drilling, there is a big difference between them. This difference is mainly manifested in the fact that tri-cone bits are more special than roller-cone bits. For the common tri-cone bits, there are many special designs. The most obvious is its own material. It can be said that the tooth-shaped drill itself is made of a high-toughness alloy, and there are many protrusions on the tooth shape. These special structures can improve the working speed very well. Manufacturers have accurately calculated the number of teeth and the number of rows. For many things about manufacturers, basically every design is very attentive. The design of the tooth-shaped electric drill bit itself is actually the biggest breakthrough of the drill bit. A drill bit of this shape is unprecedented in history. Many times, manufacturers are very proud of this design. When working with a tooth-shaped drill bit, the working time is shorter than that of a normal-shaped drill bit. For many customers, time is money. In fact, the high temperature resistant design of the tri-cone bit is also very popular. Basically, as long as it does not exceed 250 degrees, normal use is no problem.
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