What are the specialties in the production and manufacture of PDC drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-18
01-01 20:09:13 In the PDC drill manufacturing process, the heating method plays a decisive role. The choice of solder will have a significant impact on the welding quality. A reasonable design of the welding joint structure is also an important means to improve the welding quality. Therefore, in the PDC drill manufacturing process, welding has become its key technology, and it is also the key technology of PDC drill manufacturing. The welding of PDC composite material is essentially the welding of the cemented carbide base and the support body such as the tool bar. The welding temperature of cemented carbide is about 1000°C. However, the thermal resistance temperature of the PDC layer generally does not exceed 700, otherwise it will cause thermal damage to the PDC layer and reduce the performance of the welding tool. Therefore, it is necessary to find a welding method that can reduce the brazing temperature and ensure the welding strength. At present, there are laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum brazing, high frequency induction brazing, water-cooling brazing, inert gas shielded brazing and so on. High frequency induction brazing is widely used. In addition to studying welding methods and processes, researchers have also developed special solders and solders to improve the wettability of solders. For example, the new solder containing 53% steel, 14.5% gold, 29.0% manganese and 3.5% nickel developed by the De Beers laboratory has significantly improved the quality of soldering; the use of silver or copper-based brazing filler metals containing cobalt chloride can also be very effective. Wetting the surface of PDC and cemented carbide well to prevent them from removing cobalt, thereby improving the welding strength and reducing the rate of bit degumming. Another key technology for manufacturing PDC drills is electric drill grinding. Due to the high hardness of diamond (hv10000), it is very difficult to grind the drill bit. The blade grinding on the front of the diamond electric drill bit can be carried out in the blade production plant after the diamond blade is processed. The diamond blade grinding is mainly used for the main edge grinding of the drill bit. At present, the main grinding methods of diamond tools are mechanical grinding, including diamond grinding and diamond grinding. In addition, there are methods such as chemical grinding, oxidation and corrosion. These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and applicable fields, but in general, the common problems are difficult to process, low efficiency, and high cost. According to the actual situation, diamond grinding wheels are used to grind the diamond bit, which is convenient for the development of grinding equipment and the operation of the grinding process. In addition to the several diamond drill bits mentioned above, there is also the first complete sintered diamond drill bit series launched by Japan Avenue Industry in 2002, which can be used to process aluminum alloys, metal matrix composite materials, metal composite materials, carbon fiber reinforced resin, and single Crystal silicon, quartz, etc. The problems encountered in practical applications of GB/T12012-1989 high strength, good shape, thermal conductivity and durability sintered diamond drill bits are the low maintenance strength of the grinding machine combination, the easy abrasive fall off, the difficult abrasives, and the difficulty of maintaining the height of the blade. Further improvement of quality and efficiency. With the development of modern industry and science and technology, diamond tools have been widely used in modern industry, national defense and high-tech fields due to their excellent power, thermal, chemical, acoustic, and electrical properties, especially PDC diamond drill bits and polycrystalline diamonds. drill. However, the research and application of polycrystalline diamond drill bits are still relatively small, and it is difficult to popularize and apply them. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond electric drill bits are an important field of diamond tool research and have broad development prospects.
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