What changes have happened to pdc drill bits in recent years?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-14
In recent years, the drill bit market has changed greatly. The emergence of drill bits of different materials and styles has continuously improved people’s requirements for the quality of electric drill bits. Since drill bits are mainly used in drilling engineering, the structure and material of the electric drill bits are different. The requirements are very high. When pdc drills first appeared on the market, they were mainly used in some softer surface layers. However, with the continuous research and improvement of pdc drills, this kind of drill products can now be used on harder surfaces. Among the layers, and due to the changes in the structure of the drill bit, the directionality is gradually enhanced during the actual operation. The polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit has undergone great changes in recent years. It is a product that tends to be between the diamond bit and the roller cone bit. Therefore, after the improvement of the structure of the pdc bit, the new material is selected. , It does have a significant improvement, it can also work in some harder surface layers, and in the actual operation process, there will be no positioning problems, and it can be accurately positioned when used in a certain area, although It is said that concentration may be affected by multiple parts. The electric drill pipe or some other parts will affect the final use effect. The pdc drill bit should be a more worthwhile drill product.
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