What changes have taken place in the pdc drill bit during the improvement process?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-15
04-14 12:48:08 When the pdc drill bit just appeared in the drilling operation, it could not achieve a better use effect compared with some other materials of the electric drill bit, so it also caused the electric drill bit model or material to be unable to be changed. The welcome of many people cannot achieve a better drilling effect. Therefore, in recent years, pdc drill bits have been continuously improved in shape and made continuous selection of materials. In recent years, electric drill products have been launched. Compared with the past, the pdc drill bit produced has achieved a better use effect. First of all, the external structure of the pdc bit has changed, and the shape of the teeth has changed slightly, which has a great influence on the effect during use. It can also make the bit have a better cushioning force during operation. During the process, the use effect is guaranteed to be smoother. Then the material of the bit has changed, which directly affects the position of the pdc bit in the bit classification. The material of the bit is harder, so it can act on different formations during operation and have a stronger impact. Then Not only is it suitable for soft rock formations, it can also act on hard rock formations, and the scope of use has been expanded, thus invisibly improving the use of PDA bits.
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