What is coal drill pipe?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-27
01-03 15:47:42 Coal drill pipe is a high-efficiency drill pipe used on coal seam drilling rigs. It is generally made of high-quality carbon steel and is suitable for drilling and other operations in coal mining. It is an important tool, and coal drill pipes are available in 26, 28, 30, 38, and 40 models. 0.5-6 meters using spiral drilling technology, drill pipes and various pneumatic drill bits have the characteristics of fast drilling speed, good formability, and high drilling efficiency. More traditional drilling minimizes the impact of drilling on the progress of coal seam mining, and has been widely used in coal mines and gypsum mines. Coal drill pipes are also called torsion drill pipes, which are represented by solid coal drill pipes and hollow coal drill pipes, and are divided into dry coal drill pipes and wet coal drill pipes. There are two types of coal drill pipes: dry and wet. A wet coal drill pipe is connected with the water injection water supply pipe. 1. Light weight (45% lighter than the old electric drill pipe) 2. Quick access, small dust, no rock fragments and then drill lead holes to clear the hole. 3. The card bean connection is convenient and fast, saving binding materials. 4. Reverse separation of rod body and drill tail to prolong service life. 5. Good water bearing capacity. Machinery specializes in the production and processing of coal drill pipes and other mining drilling tools. It is an ideal and indispensable tool in coal mining work. Coal drill pipe is based on old-fashioned twisted coal drill pipe, using high-quality steel pipe and T-steel belt welding structure, through advanced pre-stressed winding welding technology. This product has a weight. The rod is 45° light, fast feet, low dust, vertical drilling does not retain rock fragments, and the pores are cleared. The rod body can be used to separate the drill bit from the end of the electric drill bit. The connection of the utility model is a single screw blade, a compound screw blade and a water-permeable dry blade.
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