What is special about the diamond composite drill (PDC drill)?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-25
07-07 15:14:26 Today's petroleum industry has already started to use equipment. By using geological drill pipe equipment, the current work efficiency can be effectively improved and the difficulty in the work process can be reduced. However, the electric drill bits and drill rods required for each type of equipment will be different. Do you know the difference between the diamond composite drill bit and the PDC drill bit? Diamond composite electric drill bits are mainly used in hard rock formations. Generally, they can be applied to the hardness of level 10, which is suitable for deep mining. Therefore, in the current market, diamond composite drill bits have been widely used, but let's talk about it. PDC bit, there is a certain difference between the two. PDC drill bits are mainly composed of cutting teeth, nozzles and rotor bodies and other different parts. They are mainly used in the current coal mining process and have a high cost, so they can be regarded as nobles in the composite sheet. But if you can choose machinery, you can naturally reduce economic costs, and you can also reduce problems in the process of use.
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