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by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-20
12-31 09:16:48 Different types of drill pipes have different prices. The machine is a drill pipe manufacturer. The price of drill pipes for reference is about 1,200 yuan, the cheap ones are about 120 yuan, and the expensive ones are 12,000 yuan. In terms of categories, drill rods are divided into three categories: square drill rods, drill rods, and weighted drill rods. The connection sequence is square drill pipe (1) drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the depth of the well) plus heavy drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the design of the drill tool assembly). The square drill pipe is located at the upper end of the electric drill string. There are four or six square drill pipes. Its functions are: 1. When drilling, the center of the square drill pipe and the drill core, the rotating disc, and the ground rotation torque drive the drill string to the drill pipe. Rotating with the drill bit; 2. Bearing the full weight of the drill string; 3. Drilling fluid circulation channel. The structure is composed of upper and lower joints and a pipe body. The pipe body is composed of a square or hexagonal structure (most oil wells have a square structure); the upper joint is the left nut thread (back buckle) connected to the faucet, and the left nut thread will not bend during rotation; the lower joint is Right thread connected with drill pipe. For square drill rods, the upper end of the square drill rod is always above the rotating surface, and the lower end is below the rotating surface. The function of the drill pipe: The drill pipe is the basic part of the drill string. Its main function is to transmit torque and drilling fluid through the gradual increase of the drilling depth, as well as the drill pipe. Therefore, drill pipes play an important role in oil drilling. Structurally, the drill pipe structure is made of steel pipe with a wall thickness of generally 911 mm. The pipe body and the drill pipe joint are composed of two parts, and the joints are friction welded. It is also a hollow steel column about 10 meters in length. However, the unit weight is more important than the oil drill pipe. The wall thickness of the drill pipe is 23 times that of the drill pipe. The reinforcement of the drill pipe is located between the electric drill pipe and the drill string to prevent fatigue damage caused by the change of the cross section of the drill pipe. For more information and prices of drill pipes, you can consult Machinery Co., Ltd. Thank you!
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