What is the cause of geological drill pipe rupture

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-01
02-20 11:13:36 There are many reasons for geological drill pipe rupture. The following machinery as a geological electric drill pipe manufacturer will briefly explain for everyone: 1. In order to save investment, the directional drilling equipment used by the construction contractor does not meet the actual engineering Needs, the tonnage of the directional drilling equipment is too small, the maintenance is not timely, the failure rate is high, the directional drilling force is uneven, the construction stop causes the borehole quality to be poor, the borehole is irregular, the drilling tool is prone to molds, and the drill pipe is broken. 2. The selection of geological drill pipe diffuser is unreasonable, and matching type cannot be selected according to actual geological conditions. 3. Due to the lack of trajectory management and the lack of statistical data for geological drill pipe testing, the service life of the drill pipe is uneven, making the selection of the drill pipe unreasonable. 4. The deviation control of the pilot hole is unreasonable and the deviation is too large. Because the actual curve is unreasonable in the later correction process, the bending moment of the drill pipe is too large, which is easy to increase the stress of the drill pipe or directly cause the friction and thermal fracture of the electric drill pipe surface, especially in geology. When the tool joint is subjected to high lateral friction. 5. The results show that the construction unit is unreasonable during the work period, which reduces the reaming level, greatly increases the torque of the geological drill pipe, and may cause increased wear and fracture of the drill pipe. 6. Due to unsatisfactory geological conditions, tunnel ruptures and too many drill bits increase the risk of holding drill tools and causing drill pipe fracture.
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