What is the current market price of triangular drill pipe?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-13
06-28 10:56:41 Triangular electric drill pipe is a relatively common equipment on the market. It has a strong anti-fatigue effect and can extend the service life, so it has attracted the attention of major equipment manufacturers, but Most people don't know how much he needs at the current market price? How much does a triangular drill pipe cost? In fact, this is related to the current specifications. The common specifications on the market are 34×1 50×1 42×1 63.5×1 60×1, and there are various connection methods, such as male and female connections. , Or the way of joint connection, different connection methods will also affect the final price, so it is not completely consistent. In the process of understanding the price of a triangular drill pipe, you will also know its price, which includes the price of the electric drill bit and the price of the drill pipe. If it is a PDC drill bit, the market price is relatively high. The diameter of the general rotating rod is about 50 mm. The market price It is 500 yuan to 600 yuan, but you can also choose Hengye Machinery's drill bit, the market price can basically be controlled within 500 yuan.
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